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weird lj glitch of weirdness
I opened a ticket, but in case anyone else suddenly has this happen:

[Note: I removed the links and username, since it's an flocked entry.]
The comment by a user is not visible while reading the post, though it is not screened, the entry is flocked, and she has access as a member of my flist. THe only way it can be seen and replied to is using the reply-to from inbox and Reply from the mailed comment in my inbox.

If it is replied to, however, the comments become top level comments and the user's reply reply is still invisible.

Clicking on a direct link to comment goes to the entry and does not show the comment.

*scratches head* This is just--bizarre.

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(Deleted comment)
Teh ways of LJ are beyond our ken.

I had that happen just yesterday. It's showing up just fine today though so it's apparently self correcting? It was confusing as hell trying to figure out if I was somehow not seeing it somehow though. *hands*

Really? *blank* It's just the weirdest thing. Except I made the mistake of reading Support Requests. Whoo-boy, that was terrifying.

I couldn't even explain how or why it came back, other than I finally just replied to it through my e-mail half convinced someone had just deleted or something and then my comment showed up and still no regular comment, went back the next day and there it was.

I'm not sure I even want to go near Support Requests with a ten foot pole, if only because I'm pretty certain that there are some people who just don't get what it's there for. :|

I had the same thing last week! I kept trying to comment on a fic (that wasn't flocked) and got that response. Finally, I gave up which makes me feel bad for not leaving feedback on a story I loved.

This happened to a comment of mine on a post my friend made! It was like the magical disappearing comment--seriously bizarre.

Now that my brain has unknotted from trying to figure that out, all I have is:

Hmmmm, weird.

That has to be near the top of weird glitches.

This happened to me too, the other day! The post wasn't locked, but otherwise, exactly the same. And on top of that, the comment count of that entry was out of whack, too - at first it showed the comment number including the invisible one, but after a few more comments had been made on the entry, the invisible one wasn't counted any more.

Weirdness. Let us know if you hear something back!

ETA: Oh, and bendtothesun above seems to be correct that it's self-correcting - I just checked, and the formerly invisible comment is visible now. :)

Edited at 2009-09-30 04:14 pm (UTC)

I have an explanation! Livejournal Logic is not Earth Logic. ::nods::

This happens when one of the webservers is using out-of-date information, and as others note, is self-correcting :)

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