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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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lo, woe, lo, something or other
children of dune - leto 1
Well. I am kind of unable to speak (gauze), kind of in pain (guess why), and will soon be sort of high (lose the sort of).

Normally, I'd spare everyone a blow by blow, and lucky for you, this is normally, and I'm wiped out after last night, in which I got almost no sleep, adn what little sleep I got consisteed of voyeurism in a certain club in Pittsburg, and why, WHY does this only happen when I'm really drugged?

Man, that was good for me.

But. Dentist.

Both surgeon and assistant were calm and friendly and jokey, adn didn't seem at all perturbed that one, I had my MP3 player on loud, and two, every time they touched me, I was this close to levitating right off the chair. I kept my head still and didn't grovel, and that took a LOT of effort to accomplish.

There's just something--creepy about operations going on in your mouth.

I have had--a variety of strange, embarassing, intimate, and uncomfortable medical-type examinations. Some have required me to assume positions better suited to the Kama Sutra and tend to involve way too much light. And it's not going to be soon I'll forget the *damned* perky resident who delivered my son and gave me a running monologue on *every damn thing* he was doing to me, because honestly, I've blocked a lot of that out to keep my sanity intact.

I am also bitter against him because of that entire mirror sitch, but I digress.

Mouths are different. They are taste/touch, double sense areas. They're way too close to all the other major senses. It's disturbing. And let's face it, that needle is from hell. When Mr Dentist whipped it out and proceeded to get down to business, he's lucky I was still on that chair.

Anyway, he did the numbing in three separate timeframes, with my history of jaw infections, since he was of the opinion the entire matter might not turn out so well should I actually FEEL the teeth being removed from their natural habitat. That this might lead to damage. Of more than just me. He was right. First round, about six shots, then after some work, second round, four shots, then more work, then third round, three shots or so. I still have no feeling in half my lower lip straight back to below my ear and up to my cheekbone. Left side. I don't consider this a bad thing.

But I don't think I untensed once during the entire procedure, and I tried. I have low blood pressure usually--apparently, I jogged myself right into the normal range halfway through, thus proving I'm actually not an animate corpse. A the end, sheer relief made me plumment back down, and I suppose I'm lucky they didn't hold a mirror to my mouth to make sure I was still breathing.

I do NOT want to go through that again. Fancy that I'll be back on the fourteenth.

Stuffed with gauze, I look like--I have no idea what I look like. I got one glimpse at teh mirror and my vanity was so traumatized I had to swear never to look again. There's ickyiness and blood and the perky nurse told me not to worry if there was blood on my pillow in the morning, and I considered the fact that I only use black sheets in relief.

I mean, who really wakes up and thinks reasonably if they see BLOOD on their pillow?

*shakes head*

My jaw is that soft discomfort that precludes serious soreness, and my back hurts from all the time I spent in that chair unable to relax, and I am whiney and I'm also okay with this, because my tongue is coming un-numb finally and i can taste things again. This is a double edged sword, since right now the primary tastes in my mouth aren't exactly ones I seek out.

I want a popsicle.

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*hands Jenn a dozen popsicles*

Me, I plan to stock up on plenty of root beer ones for my upcoming wisdom teeth extravaganza on the eleventh...I have the same attitude (hatred/desperate fear/loathing) you have with dental work apparently.

*resumes reading good distractionary fic*

I hope it feels better soon. And yay! black sheets!

I'd feel so much better if the stupid painkillers would kick in. It's all sore, and the stupid gauze RUBS the gum raw and well, I FEEL icky. And everything tastes vaguely metallic and quite icky, which tells me I do not have a future in vampirism.

*cocks head* Root beer Popsicles? Man that sounds GOOD.


*hugs* Good luck on teh wisdom teeth.

I have two fail-safe, feel good foods when I'm sick and/or in pain: root beer popsicles (really, I grew *up* on these) and Dove Minature Chocolate bars. You can buy them in multi-packs--chocolate, vanilla and...cherry. The first two are pretty good, don't get me wrong but--

The cherry ones will erase all the pain. Or make you at least remember *why* you endure it in the first place--so you can eat these kinds of things.

Thanks for the wish of good luck on the WT thing. I'm going to have an IV--so I'm just worried I'll be babbling about naked gay men during the procedure, not too worried about the sound/pain aspect at this point--*sounds are the worst part*

Um, the Dove Minature Chocolate Bars are Ice Cream Bars, btw. :D





And it's way too late to go to the grocery store. Tomorrow before work, definitley. Definitely.

*hugs and hands Jenn box of freeze pops*

You are way brave, doll. I refuse to go to the dentist unless I am in so much pain that regular pain killers don't stop it. I have panic attacks at just the thought of a needle in my mouth. *shudders*

I'm sorry for the no sleep thing. *shakes finger* You should've told me to let you go to bed. Shame, shame. *grins*

*hugs* Hope you feel better soon. Love ya!


I was TRYING to sleep. Stupid sore jaw. *kicks at jaw, then stops* Maybe better not do that.


Come on, Vicadin. Show me what you got.

This post is the perfect reason why I had myself knocked out when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Well, it was actually 8 teeth in total so there was no way I was going to subject myself to consciousness. That way the most stressful thing was getting the IV put in, rather than having to hear them cut and pull, etc. etc. Ewww. I'm so glad that's over.*lol*

Oh man, that scares me more, though. General anesthesia? *shivers* Just. Scary.

Though yeah, I think I could have lived the rest of my life without actually HEARING them cracking the rest of the tooth to remove it. Seriously. A long and HAPPY life.

I have not set foot in a dentist's office since my senior year of high school, when I needed three fillings (and one apparently came that close to needing a root canal instead of a mere filling). Which is -- mm, nine years ago. Setting aside the whole cleaning issue and the worry that I've got another incipient cavity or two up top, the last time I saw a dentist I was warned about my wisdom teeth.

Sooooo not looking forward to my next visit -- which, like the trips I made nine years ago, probably won't come until I'm actually in pain again.

Oh dear God. Cold/hot packs. Have one ready.

*hugs hard* I swear, I'm willing ot go through this now simply to avoid ever, ever having another night like last night. Could NOT sleep worth a damn.

Go visit your dentist. *pokes* I am all about dental hygeine these days. *grins*

I admit it led to me being fanatical about brushing my teeth in college. (Which drove my sophomore roommate bugshit, but I hated her anyway so it was all good.) At least my wisdom teeth all came through -- it's just that the lower ones are sideways, making them a stone bitch to brush...

Ah, well. Maybe if I get a job that actually includes dental, I can go to a dentist. Cause right now, it's not like I can afford it...

You know, I was at the dentist two hours ago. And I read this and can’t stop the shudders because, fuck. And I don’t even know "whyyy" I read this with everything I went trough in 3 hours of operation... oh yes, I know now, it’s because I’m a love pain bitch... anyway:

I mean, who really wakes up and thinks reasonably if they see BLOOD on their pillow?

Just so you know, I’m giving you my best wishes and yes... I’m one of those people who thinks is... reasonably.

Miss Trades.

*hugs* Thanks.

What did you do at the dentist's? *also masochistic and curious*

Poor Jen! Do you have somebody at home looking after you? Sending virtual jello, custard, and popsicles.

Yes, I do. it's freaky, though--novacaine's never lasted this long before, so my bottom lip is still half-numb and I keep trying not to bite it.

I have--chicken broth and milk and tea to drink. All lukewarm. *grins* I shoudl ahve gotten popsicles. Definitely.

Thanks, hon!

My God, my soul mate gig, wellll, let see: two wrong made (he told me, how can you do it wrong?, with 15 years of expierence?) conduct treatment, a nerve... a panic attack, no wait, that´s because I´m me... God, this day is horrible, and, I also begin to work again, they didn´t let me have a few hour free tomorrow so...
Sorry, my english sucks, and my ex dentist too. Is just, I can fucking believe it. I´ll send him two pinky and the brain slash stories, just to see if he can understand the meaning of soul pain... or laugh, wich would be wrong, and I never did it myself. Really.

Aw, poor Jenn. It's the sound thing that's the worst. That's the reason I don't have my ears pierced. I got them pierced at 13 and when they closed over, I couldn't go through it again. It's that terrible stapler sound as they pierce the ear that gets to me. (I also remember it being painful, but considering I hobbled around on a foot with a broken bone for three days, I don't think my pain threshold is quite that low...)

Still, it can't have been easy to be awake for it. I had my four wisdom teeth taken out in surgery (thank heavens) but when I had two removed for my braces, I was awake, but there was no bad cracking sounds. There were no cracking sounds, and I'd had enough needles not to feel a thing (it helps when Mum comes in and watches them closely for the entire procedure! *g*). The guy was very gentle.

I wasn't creeped out by it, but I found it funny... One of my teeth was wedged in pretty tight, and the poor dentist was having a lot of trouble pulling it out. When it did come out, it went flying across the room and hit the opposite wall. Since I was very numb, I found it really funny. Mum, who was watching the whole thing, was kinda horrified. *bg*

But, I remember the guaze and heavy painkillers from the wisdom teeth, and that terrible feeling that your tongue will never be clean again. Thankfully, that feeling went away after a the first day, but still... *shudders* Eurgh. Regardless of vampires, it's never sexy to taste your own blood.

Yeah, this reply isn't too comforting... *sends jelly and icecream, and yogurt*

I got about 4 or so other teeth pulled at the same time as my wisdom teeth (a grand total of 8 teeth.) Evidently my jaw is too small. You'd think jaws would be smarter than that and only grow the number of teeth they can hold, but apparently not. I was not conscious. Which is probably good considering the number of teeth I needed fixed. I too have low blood pressure, and given that this was early morning when I'd been fasting, they couldn't even get a vein to pop up. Sodium Pentathal, by the way, burns as it travels through your veins. It's over fast though.
I was then out for about twice as long as I was supposed to be, due probably to the blood pressure thing, or maybe the fact that I was 14 and just wasn't metabolizing as fast as I should have been. They gave me the good stuff though afterwards. Straight coedine. I was one *very* high 14 year old. Or, actually, very lowwwwwww. *g*

My mouth tasted aweful afterwards too. Bags of black tea applied to the gums will help the bleeding stop; they constrict the capillaries. I would recommend fruit smoothies with yogurt or peanut butter for the recovery period. Feel better soon Jenn!

You don't know me.

But I stumbled upon your entry and I was reading your comments and I find it absolutely amazing how many people are getting their teeth extracted next month! I feel so sorry for everyone, including myself...I get my four wisdom teeth yanked out the 15th.

Do you have any words of advice?

I hope that you feel better soon and that all your teeth stay nice and healthy from now on!

Good grief at all the extractions!

I didn't realize how lucky I was till I read all of these posts. I had my two front teeth pulled in the second grade, a couple of fillings in high school, but that's it.

My dentist is making noises about getting braces ('cause my front uppers are a little twisted), but I still have all my wisdom teeth (and in fact, I and my mother and my grandmother all are missing four teeth, the same teeth, one per side, both upper and lower. Maybe that's helped prevent crowding.

Brian's lovely doppelganger~

I wasn't aware if you knew but Gale Harold (Brian) once appeared on Law & Order:SVU. You would have loved him! That snotty arrogance just made me want to lick him all over! *shivers* It was a lovely experience. I appreciate everything you've done for the Smallville fandom and hopefully you'll be moving into QaF soon~


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