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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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there are no ponies here
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this is kind of boggling in a very weird way.

Smallville Search Inquiries and the rude behavior by mysticdreamer32, thought this link isn't to an LJ.

You know, the thing is? This really doesn't make a case for her point all that well. I mean, I need to check the quotes, but--really. IDEK.

I agree with you. Posting Person Needs to Stop Posting and Get a Life. Or at least a break from her computer.

Pecan Street was very hot but fun, and man, we have to hit up that gourmet popsicle place on Lamar--their coffee one was amazing.

...I am trying not to hateyou.

... she was rude right from the beginning. "Amend your rules or grow up?" That's not exactly polite, and her reactions just went downhill from there.

I know! Why would you post something that makes you look worse? I mean, dear God. IDEK.

I just. Really?

There are some people who are just too attached to their computers.

Does she really believe she was polite at any point? If so, polite obviously doesn't mean what I think it means.

I think her definition may be different?

You comm totally doesn't say anything about no ponies, so I'm going to make a huge post about ponies. And you can't stop me. So there.

/faux logic


I have to say, never having heard of the comm that I think the rules sound clear from what she posted. It's called Search Enquries and states it is for hunts for fic, pleas for recs and searches within that fandom, so I take that to mean that if someone asks for recs you can post a list, but not make a specific post with a list, that's just how I would read it.

I'm not sure what she wanted to achieve with that post, she just comes across as someone who didn't read the rules then threw her toys out the pram when she was called on it. Sure it's going to sting being rebuked for not reading the rules, but this is an over reaction.

Also, and this may sound like nit-picking, but spell check is her friend, 'courtesy' not curtsy. When trying to write a scathing message I find it's best to double check you've spelled words correctly. She lost points with me for the 'curtsy' thing!

It is mind boggling indeed what people get up in arms about!

She wasn't even banned until she threw a fit that I didn't answer her very first question on why she was removed from the community fast enough.

Yeah, her spelling is not of the best.

(Deleted comment)
She was a the very SOUL of polite inquiry and you are MEANIE BIG MEANIES for not letting her spam the community the way she wants to BECAUSE THE COMM RULES DON'T SPECIFICALLY PREVENT IT, OKAY??

If you don't WANT recs posted than you should specifically say IN YOUR PROFILE that recs aren't allowed. And recipes, and pictures of her dogs. Or cats. Or dragon eggs. WHATEVS.


Edited at 2009-09-27 09:52 pm (UTC)


... no, really?

Yep, totally justified banhammer.

Why the hell is she even posting this when all it does is prove how WRONG WRONG WRONG she is?!

I'm not surprised you banned her. You mods are tough. After all, didn't you and svmadelyn also refuse to let the entire country of Chile join the community? *grins*


Oh my, you just harshed her squee, you mean mean ole' mods, you!

I'm not quite sure why she posted this publicly. It doesn't exactly make her look, shall we say, good. Also, I love how she time stamped to messages where she complained it took so long to respond, but not the first one she sent. How exactly are we supposed to know if took you mods FOREVER to answer her "polite" message if we can't when she sent the first message?

Also, you big meanies for calling her an idoit! *snerk*

I don't believe she's been in the comm for three years. Nope. Because if she had she'd know Madelyn and Seperis are not the kind of mods who are going to hold your hand and pet your head while gently explaining that they were in error in not specifying in the rules that you CAN'T post recs, so that post is going to be deleted but, honey, it's not personal okay? And we'll go change those rules right now so no one ever gets confused about REQUESTS vs RECOMMENDATIONS ever ever again.

Which, kind of seems like what she was demanding hoping for?

...so I now have a semi-overwhelming urge to kindly, politely, and in detail explain to her exactly where her fail occurred, and how, and how much of an idiot she comes across as.

I am resisting because frankly, I doubt she cares. Or that it would help.

[hugs you and madelyn]

... And why would she post something that makes her out to be an idiot?

My only other comment is this: She uses Comic Sans as her primary font. On her Xanga. Obviously she is disturbed. (My eyes!)

This kinda reminds me of the time I had a customer demand to know if I got paid by the half-hour (actually, sir, I get paid by the asshole. Thanks for coming up. :] ). Some people's children. ::eyeroll::