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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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right. so.
children of dune - leto 1
So it's possible I just asked R out on a date?

I mean, okay. I don't know but we were talking and I said I was taking my niece and son ice skating (because seriously, watching small people fall over? Endless fun!) and then I somehow asked him? To go? And he said yes?

...that's not a date, right?

This is what I get for refilling my Ritalin today after a week off and realizing today is friday and this is the first weekend I can sit down and do something fannish. Crazypants.

*breathing into paper bag*

That might be a date. Are you picking him up or meeting him there? He might just want to go ice skating. I wouldn't sweat it.

...he doesn't like ice skating.

But maybe he jsut wants to see what the fuss is about with ice skating? it's not a date when a son and a niece are involved, right?


1) You asked him to come and point and laugh at small people falling down with you. It's always more fun with a buddy.

2) You asked him to come kid wrangle with you. Decreases likelihood of stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork if you get bored.

3) This is the pre-date screening process, because if he is not good with the kids, out he goes, therefore, no pressure on you, all on him.

All very practical and calm reasons.

Don't wear the crazypants on the date excursion. Never the most flattering outfit in anyone's wardrobe.

I am breathing. Carefully.

Its a date.

Its a date with kids along to chaperone.

But, its a date.

Have fun!

Oh wow, YAY!!!!!! I hope you crazy kids have a good time! [grins] Remember, roofies are your friends.

That should not be funny but I just snorted sprite out my nose.

(Deleted comment)

Re: *squeeing for you*

I like this theory. Investment That I can do.

And breathe. *breathing*

It sounds kind of like a pre-date, at the least. Like pre-slash, but with even more opportunities to not go there!


[steals you away] COME WITH ME BB I'LL TREAT YOU RIGHT...

*squees!* *grins* I think it is not a "date", but is a "friendly outing". It sounds like you asked him to go along so you would not be the only other adult there, and wanted companionship. But, establishing contact outside of work is the first step! And perhaps you will have fun. :-)

*HUGS* It's a social outing with a person you might like! That's exciting either way.

Now, which one was R?

Sounds like a date. Just make sure you take protection with you, just in case.

Oh, wait. That would be the kids. *g*

Have fun!

Yeah, it's pretty much a date. On the plus side, it's a totally chaperoned date! I bet that kids are even better chaperons than parents.