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why isn't it saturday yet?

Sometimes, I have to really think why working would be better than a cardboard box somewhere. I am hoping regular communication with the world will recommence by Saturday, so I am not so much you know, avoiding as hating the universe, which cannot be pleasant for anyone, including me.

My regular email is officially being wonky as well, which is just the capper. I've decided August and September both suck, and devoutly wish for October now. Or say, Christmas. I can totally make it to the decorations and cookies.

My sulking is very loud in its silence, so to speak. I wish I were on the beach again. I swear that was the epitome of this year and everything has been icky since. Also, my boss is going to drive me nuts.

*sulks, loudly* Christmas. Decorating. Ornaments. The Christmas Store. Cookies.
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