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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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why isn't it saturday yet?
children of dune - leto 1
Sometimes, I have to really think why working would be better than a cardboard box somewhere. I am hoping regular communication with the world will recommence by Saturday, so I am not so much you know, avoiding as hating the universe, which cannot be pleasant for anyone, including me.

My regular email is officially being wonky as well, which is just the capper. I've decided August and September both suck, and devoutly wish for October now. Or say, Christmas. I can totally make it to the decorations and cookies.

My sulking is very loud in its silence, so to speak. I wish I were on the beach again. I swear that was the epitome of this year and everything has been icky since. Also, my boss is going to drive me nuts.

*sulks, loudly* Christmas. Decorating. Ornaments. The Christmas Store. Cookies.

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I spent yesterday mournfully daydreaming about vacations and googling cheap plane fares to other countries. Mostly what I discovered from this is that I am no good at planning vacations. Even my fantasy vacationing is plagued with such worries as "But how do I find the KIND of hotel I want?" and "What if Guything wouldn't like X?" and "Hmm... isn't Greece a little... Greek?" and "How soon could I get a visa?" Clearly, I just suck at this.

I am so relieved to be heading to this wedding today I don't even have the words. And those don't feel like natural ones to be saying.

I guess my point is: Oh, honey, hang in there. And feel free to email me sulkily as often as you like. I've been sulking too. ♥

Just a tip on the visa-- Americans have it easy and most don't need one before entering a country, they automatically get a 3-month tourist visa. It's how I went and studied in Japan for 3 months. Check the country you decide on, but most (unless they hate the US) don't require pre-clearance.

(I'm assuming you're American, if you're not check with the country's consulate website)

Thank you! I am American, but hadn't even started to look seriously at visas since I haven't figured what country I'm even thinking of. But it's definitely good to know that, thank you!

Also, if you decide on Asia... I'm in South Korea for a year, about an hour out of Seoul (and 30 miles from the DMZ).

Also check to see what you need to do to get back in the country. One needs a passport or special document to get back in the US after going to Canada.

Oh, I was assuming that a passport was implied-- if you need to get a visa (which Canada I don't think requires, but everyone else does) then it gets stamped in the passport. So yeah, if you don't have a passport get that ball rolling first, though it's gotten a lot faster since they had the "what, I need one for Canada now??" backlog. When I got mine last year it was a 4-week turnaround.

Probably a good assumption on your part. :D

Sorry to hear that things aren't going well. I remember when I was working, every day was like slogging through mud and I hated it.

I'm looking forward to Sat, not because it's a day off but because it's the start of the new season of Merlin. Hurray!

I say make the cookies 'n stuff anyway. Who said Christmas cookies were just for December? Christmas turns up earlier every year anyway.

Hell, there was one year, I was subjected to Christmas music at work starting the day after Halloween. The cookies would have been much more acceptable.

Not sure about the decorations but you could get away with lights, probably. There's a couple of houses near me that don't ever take theirs down and occasionally turn them on in summer.

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