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three syllable words don't work for me
children of dune - leto 1
So! I am thinking of what comes next.

Next as in, for me of course.

Speaking of, teh rec poll I did a bit back? I am working on it; it's longer than I expected, so it's only about half done, since if I'm going to rec like this, I figured I'd do more than a one-liner per story. Which--yeah, takes longer, because no one can say I am not filled with unnecessary words.

So my lj varies between boring personal anecdata, weird personal anecdata, porn, and written performance art, and often all four. I have hit my burnout on meta and I am tired of having to hack into (by that I mean, borrow a friend's username/password) lexus to pull academic extracts to follow a conversation (though weirdly addictive, like wikipedia, but less organized and more subjectively frightening), but! I will totally go there, because I am bored and it's a nice day, even if I have to see one more demographic interpretation of statistics and not get a goddamn grade for it there's a real possibility I might actually start enjoying it. I find that possibility terrifying.

OR...there could be Due South porn I wrote last year and never posted because it was a.) high crack, b.) so AU it would make your eyes bleed and c.) there is no c, I just like things in threes.

This is a hard decision. I think this is the time I ask "What Would a Fangirl Do?"

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I say to post the Due South porn because I want to read it and then maybe I'll go watch my Due South DVDs (I'm not even through Season 1 and I've had them for YEARS now. Seriously!). So, post for me if nothing else? Please? *gives you my cute adorable irresistible pleading look*

Porrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn!!! Bring on the pooooorrrrnnnn!!!

Ahem. Which is to say, a statistical analysis indicates that AU!dS!crack!porn should be next. Er, QED.

*cough* Weren't you working on a Sylar/Mohinder story? *cough*

Whatever you decide (and it has to be you decision) it will be brilliant. Taking the time to think it over always helps.

I hope, selfishly, it involves writing because you really are very good at it....and I vote for Star Trek/Pinto, LOL.


There can never be enough Due South

(Deleted comment)
I think this is the time I ask "What Would a Fangirl Do?"

1) Squee.
2) Rewatch canon.
3) Porn.

Really, I think those are the main fangirl activities.

um, could I interest you in a unicorn?

(okay he is not ACTUALLY a unicorn but he is very sparkly and dances!)

what, this is TOTALLY what a fangirl would do: try and pimp you in a moment of weakness

I call foul play!

*plugs cotton in seperis' ears!*

Edited at 2009-09-08 01:31 am (UTC)

When I stopped by the grocery store tonight, Star magazine blared about Tori's LOVELESS MARRIAGE!!!!! NO PRE-NUP!!!! DEAN'S IN IT FOR THE FAME!!!!!

And all I could think was that this is TURNBULL. Life is crazy.

Hmmm are we talking Due South seasons 1 and 2 porn, or Season 3? Because if it's season 3? That's a pretty delightful idea.

*Due South theme song is now stuck in head. Dang.*

As I am on a Due South kick I would heavily support posting. Yay Due South!


*makes grabby hands* *offers virtual cookies in return*

Ooh Academic extracts. *sighs lovingly*

Extremely cracky au Due South porn?

...this is relevant to my interests. :D

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