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blah blah powercakes
children of dune - leto 1
If it is wrong to act like a tiny, capricious god and ban_set someone who is annoying the shit out of you, I don't want to be right. I am just saying. I think power trips are a highly underrated past time. I mean, sure, we have all heard about power corrupts and everything, but let's be honest here: power is fun. And corruption is fun. And so is eating chocolate, so you see, if it's like chocolate, it can't be wrong.

I would almost feel bad, except a.) commenting to ask why one was de-membered then b.) commenting again to be insulting because they haven't answered on the same day is kind of insane. I mean, I admit, if I could, I'd have a wireless implant or something, but sometimes, one must interact with the world and not the internet.

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*generous* Of course.

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