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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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blah blah powercakes
children of dune - leto 1
If it is wrong to act like a tiny, capricious god and ban_set someone who is annoying the shit out of you, I don't want to be right. I am just saying. I think power trips are a highly underrated past time. I mean, sure, we have all heard about power corrupts and everything, but let's be honest here: power is fun. And corruption is fun. And so is eating chocolate, so you see, if it's like chocolate, it can't be wrong.

I would almost feel bad, except a.) commenting to ask why one was de-membered then b.) commenting again to be insulting because they haven't answered on the same day is kind of insane. I mean, I admit, if I could, I'd have a wireless implant or something, but sometimes, one must interact with the world and not the internet.

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(Deleted comment)
It did feel good. *thoughtful*

Ahh, so you're building the evil empire after all. Well, at least it'll be amusing. :) Also, I think shiny metal robots would help, 'cause they always do. And they up your tiny, capricious god status. Also, hey, robots!

...oh man, robots. Yes, please.

*welcomes the new Overlord*

Also, what do you mean you aren't married to the internet? WHY do you forsake your one true love? Don't you see that the internet needs you? If you don't spend all your time with the internet it might do something stupid like throwing itself off a server farm, and what would you do then, huh?

I admit, I have woken up at night in fear that the internetz ran away crying for my neglect. It's hard, yo. But it has to be strong.

What? We're all not connected to the internet 24/7? Are you sure?

*sad* THe future can't come fast enough, I'm saying. Especially if I spend an entire unholy nine hours not checking my email, because someoen could email me and then freak out when I don't answer.


power trips are totally underrated. just sayin'.

things that amuse me no end: screening asshole comments and pretending it was never there. the person knows it's there but OH NOES THE ASSHOLISHNESS IS NOT BEING ACKNOWLEDGED. :DDD

i am totally ok with being evil if it means i am banning toolfaces from commenting on my lj pssht. i may even rejoice in the evilness of it. or something.

Oh man, screening is beautiful. It makes me happy to see the flailing.

\Power Trips!/

(I threatened to use my banhammer on someone the other day. It felt good. Mind you, it was for flat-out breaking comm rules and I gave them the avenue if they wanted to dispute but I haven't heard back from them.)

Also, if you end up ruling the world (except for my corner of it. Which will be largely similar except that it will have more cats. And stepladders for short people) you can make sure there are television programs run 24 hours a day of spaceships in firefights. I, for one, would support your rule.

I like how you think! I will call it the Blowing Up Things Network. The variety of things that coudl be blown up is--wow.

*soft eyed* Blowing up things. Yes.

Your rules, your journal, your banhammer. End of story.

Also, absolute power is a beautiful thing in the hand of a master, and I humbly ask only that we keep California once you take over, at least until I move, at which point, it can fall off into the ocean at your will?

*generous* Of course.

to act like a tiny, capricious god

why would you act like one???!!
I thought, you *were* already one ;D

Re: to act like a tiny, capricious god

*sad* Not from lack of trying.

I think it's all on them. The internet is vast and life is short, and getting banned is not worth getting worked up about even in the small picture. Of course, taking the internet too seriously is what leads to getting banned in the first place. This also applies to those who try way too hard to be unserious (if you put any effort into getting lulz, you've already tried too hard and pwnd yourself).

This is truth. Like, it should be internet-bronzed.

I saw that whole thing, at first I thought maybe I'd missed a post inbetween, but no, basically because you had not answered within 6 hours. On a weekend. That is a holiday. And also you know, SIX HOURS. They decided you were playing power games. At that point, I welcome you as our new evil overlord. *waves lighter into the air*

...how on earth did you find it? *grins*

Why do I always miss the fun stuff? /whine

It was rather pedestrian, but it satisfied my need to be vicious. V. cathartic.

ban_set asshole.

It's one of the glories of the internets.

Isn't it though? Very.

I must admit, I have never, ever, ever worried about being corrupted by the HOMEOPATHIC AMOUNTS OF POWER that running an LJ gives me.


But I'm allergic to chocolate! ;_;

Can it be like eating butterscotch pudding instead? With whipped cream; preferably the real stuff but the canned is acceptable too.

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