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survey!fail catchup

So I have gotten out my temper tantrum and have returned to my usual state of rationality.

If you have no idea what Survey!Fail is, courtesy of elfwreck, linkspam one, linkspam two and linkspam three will give you a million posts on what is going on, and a lot of them are really fun, and some of them are very technical, and some made me wikipedia and learn about phrenology, which is about skull measurements to determine personality. Which you know, seriously, I don't even know at this point what the hell I am reading, but one day, I am going to go on Jeopardy and kick ass because of the sheer amount of random information I am picking up.

If you want it shorter and in a single layman entry, however, my comm of choice is Unfunny Business, which has like, everything.

So. Two links courtesy of jonquil:

Neurology For Beginners by neededalj, who has been critical in debunking a lot of what was going around about what this survey was doing.

Psychology for Beginners by sabrina_il, which debunks what psychology can do right now and what it can't.

My Random Comments After Reading Five Million Entries or Something Like That

I am still feeling stroppy, so I'm skipping commentary, which luckily, cannot possibly be missed since there's tons of it out there. I just kind of want to, you know, tell a story and not be reminded that in fandom, the act of posting fiction is part of an ongoing realtime study examining why on earth I'm doing such a thing and everything that could possibly, possibly mean.

And you know, I want a pony, too. Give me a few days and I will totally be over it.
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