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oh god, please be kidding

Picked this up off my flist yesterday and skimmed, but really didn't get a chance to truly take in the sheer mind-boggling....okay, I have to stop there and just link.

From Crooks and Liars (and everywhere else in the world): KS Republican Lynn Jenkins Says GOP Struggling To Find "Great White Hope" To Take On Obama

Literally, even.

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins offered encouragement to conservatives at a town hall forum that the Republican Party would embrace a "great white hope" capable of thwarting the political agenda endorsed by Democrats who control Congress and President Barack Obama.

In response to inquiries by The Topeka Capital-Journal, a Jenkins spokeswoman said Wednesday the congresswoman wanted to apologize for her word choice and to emphasize she had no intention of expressing herself in an offensive manner.

Context for the phrase "great white hope".

Okay, besides everything being wrong with this, this is what is getting to me. There are times you could possibly get away with using a culturally questionable phrase out of context because it's just that damn obscure. I'm not going to claim when or how; I am just saying, I'm sure there are times, because there are a thousand monkeys typing Shakespeare and I have a prednisone headache.

However. I had no fucking clue where the phrase "great white hope" came from before wikipedia yesterday; I didn't need to. When people around me used it, it was in context with racist remarks, and weirdly, that kind of thing sticks with you later with this aura of "skanky phrase, do not use" and added auto-flinch. Continuing to claim ignorance does not excuse you; it just makes me think you have some kind of brain injury that is causing you to forget like, where you were born. And it doesn't help you were using it in reference to people on the melanin-deprived side of the rainbow, kay?

Great white hope. Really?
Tags: meta: racism, stupidity is not a god given right
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