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Plagiarism Alert in SGA
children of dune - leto 1
Update 3:
APOLOGY DELETED! But screencaps live forever. Screencap of apology here.

Update 2:
AND HERE! jdr1184 totally fails at an apology here. I mean, totally fails.

tia933 finds similarities with ebook Bonding With Graven by Amber Kell - link

sholio found another story that was plagiarized from - link


Thanks to the efforts of almostnever, who uncovered the plagiarism and telesilla, who has been kind enough to unlock her post with almostnever's conclusions:

The story The Reluctant Princess by jdr1184 has passages taken from rageprufrock's Bell Curve and toomuchplor's Waiting For My Real Life to Begin.

In almostnever's LJ: Comparison of The Reluctant Princess by ldr1184 to Rageprufrock's and ToomuchPlor's Stories In Tables!

In telesilla's LJ: Comparison of The Reluctant Princess by ldr1184 to Rageprufrock's and ToomuchPlor's Stories

...that wasn't even subtle, yo.

Just in case, screenshot of jdr1184's fic here, unlocked at time of posting.
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(Deleted comment)
Srsly. Bell Curve of all things. Geez.

(Deleted comment)
Great minds thing alike; I have a screen cap too. :)

*glee* I am not filled with trust in her integrity, weirdly enough.

I kind of want to check her House fic now, except I don't really care that much.

I glanced at it? I didn't see anything, but I don't read in House at all, so if she did from a House author? No idea.

... plagiarizing Pru?

... well, at least she has good taste?

that's pretty much the only thing she has going for her there.

What's really sad is she chose two really memorable scenes to copy. I can tell you exactly what the context for each is, where they are in the story...

WORD FOR WORD (sort of. but mostly.)


I love her little snotty comment when it's first brought up! It reminds me of the good old days in HP. I wonder if she makes the "I thought everyone does it" or "I wrote it down in a notebook and forgot I didn't write it" arguments. That would amuse me.

Cassie Edwards, represent!

(seriously, plagiarism is the one thing I CANNOT forgive. not that this idiot author is losing any sleep over that...)

Just dropped a note at Telesillas, but does this sound familiar to people? I randomly scrolled through her other recent fic -- House -- and this title pinged me as vaguely familiar, and glancing through, this pings me as a John/Rodney fic I may have read... and it sounds exactly like their dialog? http://jdr1184.livejournal.com/24958.html

God, in my fandom prior to sga, someone took pieces from mine and a couple of other people's fics and strung them all together, linked by the worst writing EVAR. What was amazing to me was that she had tons of fans until someone recognized their own writing in it. I mean, entire chunks -- like three paragraphs bodily lifted out, nothing even changes.:(

eta: responding to my comment on Telesilla's lj, Friendshipper has found another section lifted straight from another fic...

Edited at 2009-08-28 06:40 am (UTC)

Really all I want to do is post saying "But Rocky, that trick never works."

*facepalm* Oh, idiots. The world is not that large. The internet is smaller. And fandom is tiny. THAT TRICK NEVER WORKS.

Gah. That's like...like...*fails to think of a real life example that even makes sense*...trying to pass off the Space Shuttle as your own work to the Israelis?

FYI, the first instance of her username in your post is off - an i instead of a j - when I first clicked on it I thought she'd decided to beat feet in a serious way.

The content has been plagiarised from the stories above, but the actual plot bears remarkable similarities to a commercial M/M fiction called Bonding with Graven by Amber Kell.

It involves a man escorting his sister to be tested as a mate for the a vampire.

he word 'mateseeker' is used and some of the paragraphes are very similar.

I've just gone through and pulled out some of the plagiarised paragraphes from Amber Kell's fics and posted some of them on telesilla's journal if anyone is interested.

By the way, the examples I've put up come from the first couple of pages - I haven't had time to look any further. There may well be more.

These paragraphs are *identical*. Wow.

That was... incredibly stupid on the "author's" part.

I have a violet dislike for plagiarists. Was hit by one way back when and the archive removed the fic in question and banned the person, for them to never be heard from again (at least with that username). Got hit a second time and told I could do nothing about it because the plagiarist was more "known" than me. Seriously do not get the whole stealing from others thing.

I could understand being influenced by a fic, maybe, if you're careful about it and have a chat or three with the original author and make it your own and make sure it does not copy and yadda. Outright stealing? No. Outright stealing something incredibly well-known? No. Trying to play the innocent when called on your bullshit? No.

My favorite part is probably the "stripper!John?", like, not only has she never read plor's fic, but she's not even sure about Pru's. Everyone and their grandma knows for sure its stripper!John. Also, she even has Pru friended. *sigh*

Ah, just like the good old days of HP. Don't they usually at least plagiarize from different fandoms than the one they are posting in? How unimaginative!