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this week in history

One of the side-effects of getting better is being able to start separating out the misery caused by a real lack of breathing, misery caused by various illness-associated aches and pains, and then....

...perhaps it might be more specifically stated that it wasn't me, but me tearfully AIMing to transtempts last night.

Me: I seriously want to like, break into pointless tears.
Me: And I don't even know why!
transtempts: *hugs*
Me: Which is like, depressing, because crying is very cathartic.
transtempts: Are you on prednisone?
Me: But I have nothign to cath--yes.
Me: *blinks*
transtempts: Yes
transtempts: That would be why.

I really, really should remember that prednisone is like having my period but with less bloating and higher level detail orientation

I don't want to talk about this again, but this is where I remember.

I recevied an email from my ex-super; my other ex-super who I still kept in touch with and who was wonderful died the weekend I went to Port Aransas. He emailed me when he changed jobs, but I was out of the office and never got back to him, and it's been like, nineteen months since he was one of my supervisors and he and R are still the best I ever had.

He left a wife, a son, a dog, a bright career, and brilliant memories. I miss him.

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