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*curls with cough syrup*

This is filled with a variety of complaints, so you know, you were warned. This is whining.

So perhaps the worst is over, and there is not quite like, super rejoicing, because I have watched after school specials and that's when it comes back, but tentatively speaking, bronchitis is probably at an end.

What is not at an end is the fact that right now, everything tastes hideous or wrong or both--tea tastes bad. Tea! Water! Coffee! Gatorade! Food! I know this is all part and parcel of bronchitis and all, but seriously, while I love that I can breathe, life also needs to be worth living.

There's also the fact that there came a moment where I decided to quit smoking because I don't think I can keep doing this twice a year without snapping. This does not make me happy. Yes, I know it should. And I get this is a health thing. So I am totally on board with improving my health. But. Everything tastes bad and makes me nauseated, I have a week of steroids left, and now I cannot smoke. I mean, I can breathe. That is the good. I am not feeling the rest of it.

I seriously think that may be the worst part. I've been steadily cutting down, but the concept of just never getting a single cigarette again actually seriously makes me want to cry. However, you will need to take that with a grain of salt. I also almost cried when as it turns out my favorite tea is now like, hideous, and I also had this moment when I lost on Tetris and then on another game, then when I got a neck cramp. So I could break into tears conceivably iff it starts raining, which I have heard it shall do. It's just that kind of a month.

I am going to sulk for a while longer and continue the pathetic coughing. Normally, I would say this is the point where things have to start going right, but I have on excellent authority not so much.

I keep wondering--what if nothing ever tastes right again? I am cheerful, yo.
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