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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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endlessly amused
children of dune - leto 1
Oh what CAN I think of, as I have lost the habit of posting.

A while back, when I was still in diaryland, someone, I can't remember who, and I talked about my habit of posting there daily. I was more religious about that than brushing my teeth. Or close to it. I said I made it into an unbreakable habit, which is true--almost literally, I had to do it, and it's weird and I'm okay with that. LJ doesn't inspire me nearly as much. Maybe it's the color scheme.

But anyway. I'm on vacation from SV, LJ, and writing. And I never thought I'd see the day I'd do that, but, well. Brian. He's hot. He's also naked canonically, and I'm a shallow bitch.

jaymalea is adored very much for her contributions to my latest obsession. gem225 is cuddled again in public. And I have QaF recs.

Wow. That kind of surprised me, but astoryandasong suddenly got me to think in perspective.

I've been in SV for a year and nine months--one of the things that occasionally pissed me off with commentary on the fandom was the comment on the SV style. Raise your hands if you remember the present tense debates? Ah, good, then we're all up to speed.

I really, really personalized that entire issue, but then again, I personalize the times my underwear doesn't match my bra, so go figure. My dominant style for the last year is close third person present tense. It's also what I prefer to read, but prefer and accept are two different things. I just needed to be conditioned into liking a different style.

I didn't understand the drama, other than that I made myself, until reading in QaF--ah, I get it now and I can see how damned disconcerting it is for people who go from one fandom to another. Dozens of stories with similar style and structure one after another, but also, completely DIFFERENT structure from what I'm used to. Very strange. A few sharp notations in that--strong first person presence and multiple pov. Not as many third persons, though the ones I read were good.

It took about fifteen stories to get used to it enough for me to read it and appreciate what I was reading. And I'm beginning to like it. It just still feels odd to me.

So I'll throw these out for those who are vaguely interested. Yes, yes, yes, most fo you have recced these to me, but it can never hurt to ground the point home a few times. Think dead horse.

God, I hope these links work. The archive structure isn't what I'm used to.

Katy Zapatka

Blurring the Lines -- I wish she didn't have a thing against contractions, though. But nice. Disjointed works for me. Spoilers for season three.

Exception -- Interesting. Third person, double pov, almost-but-not-quite random shifts in POV. Usually this would annoy the hell out of me, but the style of the story lets it work extremely effectively. Much good. Season three-ish.

What I Know -- in which Justin isn't a little girl at all. My favorite, I think. First season.

Find the rest here or search under her name. She's good. She also writes Michael/Brian, and I didn't read them, so no comment, but hey, Jessica, you might like!

Best Laid Plans by Severina. Okay, again, double first persons, not my cup of tea, but hey, I'm nothing if not adaptable. And it's cute. First season. I think.

Floating in Darkness by destina Oh yeah. Just like that. Go read now.

Lick My Bum by Trisky. Because it's a good, good teenage Justin and funny as hell.

I'm entranced. I'd be more entranced if the authors listed above would write a little faster to entertain me. I've never had a purely read-only fandom before quite like this, so this could be interesting.

And girlinthetrilby rocks. Seriously so.

And working on Saturdays sucks. Counting the hours. I was supposed to go out on Saturday night, but after eight hours that day? Thinking now if I want to deal with that level of exhaustion--not to mention the fact I know I won't get sleep.

Which I've heard from reliable sources is a thing that's really fun to do.

Also--countdown to oral surgery part one begins. Three days to go. Oh joy.

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I was hoping you'd share the recs you gleaned with us less fortunate! I haven't read QAF fic since the first season break, when I read it *all*... and I really didn't fancy weeding through it again for the good stuff.

Vacation from LJ? Nooooooo! *sniff* I'll miss reading your entries. They're an endless source of amusement.

I'm excited, I friended you for your great SV recs and just as I'm getting into QAF you're recing it! jaymalea gave some good video links as well.

I hear ya on the POV differences in each fandom. Everything QAF I've read so far has been first person. I don't like it, maybe because it feels too invasive given the subject matter.

You can take a break, a short break, but that's it. You have to come back home. Okay? I can't tell you how many times I have read SWID and 3IT. FYI, as you know, I have also been trying to find good QaF stories and this one popped up, its only 2 chapters so far, but a pleasant surprise. Its called Broken Image and its at http://home.earthlink.net/~skj3/. The summary is: In the aftermath of a life-altering event, Brian Kinney survives only to face the challenges of rebuilding his image with the help of the two men closest to him and his unconventional extended "family." Justin's love and Michael's friendship show him the man he can be again. Its set post-season 2 as an alternate season 3.

I love QaF. I've got two of my friends hooked... we went to the mall today just to buy bracelets like Brians. LOL We're retarded...
QaF as great, and I want my very own Justin and Brian... and Emmett...

I have more video for you, but can't get in! I tried just going to your site as well, and it won't open. Is this just me or are you having a problem with Illuminated Text?

Thanks for reccing Katy Zapatka, I haven't read her stuff since I first found QAF. I'm off to re-read.

It's wonderful to see a surgence of QAF on LJ. It's fun to have recs and comments pop-up when I scroll my friend's list! It'd be even better if we could gift some fav authors with LJ codes.

There is another methoschick out there? And I thought I was the only one as methoschickee. *g* Never enough Methos worship for out there for me. *eg*

I read some of your QaF US recs, loved the Brian/Michael story by Destina. I will hunt for my QaF UK recs for you. There used to be an archive for fiction, but you have to wade carefully through the fiction there.


If you ever want to see QaF UK, let me know (e-mail me), as I can easily dubb it onto a DVD+R disk for you. The first mini-series and the follow-up movie. Once you see Stuart Allen Jones in action, it will be Brian who? *eg*

Although you might disagree about that if you are a OTP girl now with Brian/Justin. My younger brother loves that pairing and didn't like the UK version when I showed it to him. He's a Brian boy. I tried to get him to like Stuart, but... *g*

Give me a shout if you want to see the difference. I am shamelessly pimping here, as I'd love some good Stuart/Vince fiction.

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