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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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woe and more woe
children of dune - leto 1
So things you should not do while sick:

1.) watch Dr. Who during a fever. People, you will in fact have goddamn nightmares about Davros. You will also have revelations about moral relativism, genocide of Daleks, and why you just do not care if the entire Dalek empire is wiped out. Then you and Child will discuss this and you realize you and Child are both feverish and fall asleep on top of each other on the couch wondering about a Dr. Who Mark II Empire ruled with an iron fist.

[Child is not a lightweight. I don't think my feet have woken up yet.]

2.) You will loathe how fast Donna talks so much you try to will her to die. You feel bad. Then she starts talking again.

3.) You will cry when you see Rose again.

Child made me move into the living room for a.) fear purposes and b.) watching me purposes, as all know I am a delicate flower and Child is fairly sure me being alone thirty entire feet away in my bedroom will mean I will die or something. I seriously do not see how he gets through when I'm at cons or slumberparty without having some kind of weird nervous breakdown.

In between fits of fever, season four Dr. Who (Child considers this comfort TV; yeah, this is totally my kid), and a sudden and shocking preference for being near the bathroom, I contemplated drowning myself in the shower. Also, my sunburn is peeling a little and I am trying not to find this possibly the only thing good in my life, because yes, it is disgusting, but oh, there's something wonderfully satisfactory about it, like when you're a kid and you realize you can get that scab off. I will leave my list off of disgusting bodily functions that no one admits fascinate them, but there you go. A sunburn is the only good thing in my life and everything hurts and I refuse to be ashamed (much).

Going to go attempt to find will to live. Think I left it in Chicago.

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Do you need ice cream or popsicles or reading material? I'm glad to drop things by!

*pets you*

Fever AND sunburn. Ugh! Not a good combo.

And you have a wonderful child, worrying about you and then sitting through you comfort tv together. Those days with my kiddies are long gone.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, feel better. I'd never watch Dr. Who with a fever. It's wacky enough when I'm awake and alert.

(Deleted comment)
I totally do not believe you, due to Monday mockage. However, because I am feverish and awesome, I will pretend I do.

*gravely* The aggrievement in your entries due to illness and suffering continues to delight me; pray, carry on as you were.

*stares at you bitterly*

." Jim's expression changes, mouth quirking. "So Uhura gave me some texts on Vulcan law and tradition."

Spock considers the extent of Nyota's library and tries not to feel apprehension. "Were they educational?"

"Oh yeah."

Jim's amusement trickles through him, waiting. Spock considers silence, but-- "You found something of interest, I take it?"

"Immensely. Apparently, I'm considered chattel since Iowa is not, in fact, a designated Vulcan place of marriage."

Spock fights the urge to ask if Nyota had highlighted that specific passage in Vulcan law; like Jim, she has an unfortunate sense of humor.

Pulling away, Jim turns, leaning back against the pillar. "Chattel," Jim says, almost gloating over each word, "an item of property, a *convenience** that can be discarded when a more logical attachment is found."

I DO NOT EVEN REMEMBER MOST OF WRITING THIS. And we jsut reached 78K. I am never going to finish this.

Oh, my God, I could almost essay a proposal of union for the promise of this passage.

:-) This makes me very happy!


Dude! I so have this experience with stuff I've written! Unfortunately, in an academic context, it also sometimes translates as "shit, this is incomprehensible, but it sounded ok last night..."

You have a fever too? I don't think I could handle what happened to Donna right now, I'd end up crying too much and suffocating myself. I watched it just this weekend and cried without the aid of cold medicine. And your Child sounds delightful :) Get better soon.

(Deleted comment)
Hovering when I get tired enough to sleep. Otherwise, casually wandering in to stare at me and ask Dr. Who trivia, I assume to make sure I'm not hallucinating or just to drive me crazy.

It's a toss up.

Ow, nasty. Hope you're feeling better soon (and before you hit Children of Earth, if you're watching Whoverse in continuity - that doesn't need any help to be depressing).

I'm jealous; my sunburns never peel. Ever. The worst ones will flake like a bad case of dandruff but that's it. :(

Also, some eps of Dr Who makes oh so much more sense when viewed feverish. And that goes double (if not triple) for the original go 'round of the series too. ::nods::

*pets you* I'm sorry you're not well, I hope you feel better soon.

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