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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I give, as I am seeing scattered reports and I get hot for statistics. VVC goers who run across this, answer the poll. Ooh! We could totally Venn diagram this! For science!

(Oh my God my head. My nose. My will to live.)

Poll #1445237 CTD - Con Transmitted Disease

Are you the victim of CTD - con transmitted disease at VVC?

Yes, and I need to go as I am revisiting my last ten meals. Thanks for the reminder, bitch.
No, look at me, superior to you all! I am evil and eat souls! With salsa!
DIAF, I wasn't at the con. I like knowing you are suffering. It makes me happy.
...so describe, in detail, how exactly it is "transmitted" and how many people were involved.
I am participating because I just love polls that much.

ETA: I have given in and taken psuedophedrine/guaifenesin and while I do not feel better, the placebo effect of imagining that someday I might feel better is really--working if I really concentrate hard.

Really, really hard.
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Nnnnno, don't think so. I'm a little extra sinus-y, but I suspect allergies. Should I be worried?

Maybe? I just have sinus and headache and ear-ness (from congestion while flying). I mostly just have lost the will to move or like, function.

This is totes swine flu, I can sense it.

In that case, I have had swine flu since early 1993.

I may have to change my answer if this vaguely pokey feeling in my throat turns into anything else, though.

My throat was first too--I thought it was from shouting out of tune lyrics at Club Vivid, then it--wasn't. It really just started hitting Sunday night, and by this morning, I was feeling so crappy I didn't even go through my usual fit of wondering if the plane was going to crash, as I did not care.

I hate the universe. But I love VVC. *narrow eyes* The universe is betray-y.

This latest poll was pretty funny. Loved all the choices.

Totally unrelated, but can I be your friend on LJ again since you aren't crossposting to DW after all? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

(Deleted comment)
*curls up and whimpers* It's possible.

I want an option between one and two that says, "I could go either way..." But I know which way I am going to go even if it's only psychosomatic since the lady with facemask on plane sat right next to me and kept productively coughing into her facemask. Well, she was doing that when she wasn't falling asleep on me and touching me.

....oh God. *shudders* What is it about planes that makes people ignore personal space?

An older lady once fell asleep on my shoulder on a plane. I spent the rest of the flight torn between "well, it's not like she's dirty or smelly or anything and she clearly needs the sleep" and "oh god off OFF off off off off OFF."

I've got a giant set of congestion, and headache. And cough. Stomach is actually mostly ok.

And I'm allergic to cold medicine- that combo above would kill me. Or leave me high for a week.

hope you feel better soon!

it's a rare con that doesn't see a wave of con crud; I know that more often than not I end up sick as a dog at/after attending cons (though most of mine are usually February/March, which may skew the odds somewhat)

I will end the world if the people who got some get off scott free.



Ah, the condition known as 'Con Crud™'. Basically a result of lots of people in close proximity, usually brought in by one inconsiderate fuckwit.

I pretty much get this every time I go to a con.

And made worse by the peoples who came on planes and picked up the creeping crud there. Airplane rides + idjit with cold + building full of peoples = Con Crud


Add in a malfunctioning air conditioner and you've got Legionnaire's Disease. o_O Umm... Hereyagohopeyoulive! ::bolts away, leaving behind a pile of chicken soup containers (firmly closed), blankets, gatorade and Merlin cast clones::

omg no [agonized face] If it was me, hon, I am SO SORRY. I tried so hard to be careful... [worries]

Consider me at your disposal for comment!fic? [abashed look]

i'm not sick *yet*...

I was fighting sinus crap for like a week before the con. My immune system finally gave the fuck up last night and oh look who has a full-blown sinus infection now.

I don't know if that was the con crud taking me down finally or my immune system just running up the red flag but really, either way. I want to shoot myself.

(Seriously. I drove like seven hours like this, with my shoulders totally locked up. That I am not channeling Shiva, destroyer of worlds, is kind of impressive I feel.)

Sorry you're sick. ): If it helps, I had a headache all day Friday and most of Saturday. Whee.

We should've hung out some! Never enough time to talk to all the cool people...

I gave the second answer, but on the other hand I spent six hours on Sunday in close proximity to someone who kept saying "Hm, I think I'm getting sick. Yes, my throat is definitely weird. I'm pretty sure I'm sick," so stay tuned for breaking news.


Oh fer Buddha's sake. It's just con crud. Cripes. In MY day, you got con crud, you were sick for a coupla days, you shook it off, then walked to school. In two feet of snow. Barefoot. Uphill. Both ways.


Now, I have to fly home from fuckin' DENVER with an EAR INFECTION. I'll bet that beats yer con crud any day! /whine

Only two feet of snow? Wuss. There was at least 4 when I did that slog. Mom gave us rides to school when the temp hit -39F.

Hmm, thanks for the reminder about con crud. A few days ago I ran across someone's post of handy tips for people who've never been to Dragon*Con before (with a link back to last year's post along those lines), and one of the pointers was to start taking vitamins at least two weeks in advance (if not already in the habit, which I used to be but am no longer) so as to help get your immune system into top shape by the time you'll really need it. Also I should get some grapefruit juice.


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