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children of dune - leto 1
Leaving the greater Gulf area tomorrow (early, God, 8:30 AM flight from Corpus) and I feel this is a good time to share a few key things I've learned during my stay that may or may not contradict what I said a few days ago.

1.) You can in fact sunburn without ever actaully being in the sun. We're not talking about this. It hurts. WTF TEXAS? DO YOU LIKE SEEING ME CRINGE?

2.) Your Child will still think bleached hair is the bomb--he said it, I swear--and you may or may not lose the will to live when he gets a yellow swim shirt to coordinate with his red sunburn and horrific blond-with-copper-orange-highlighted hair. He's bright. He is impossible to lose. Even when you may be trying to disassociate yourself in public places.

3.) If you see me at VVC and wonder why I'm talking to myself, that's because I am at a key plot point in Rebootfic that is now 74K--yeah, I lied. Apparently the gulf of mexico is a drug for writing long, involved space battle sequences and flashbacks to Spock's childhood. Also, I've been on a steady diet of One Less Reason and Hinder, so there'a a better than average chance I will answer questions with lyrics and recently, I realized I do know all the words to Jesse McCartney's Thought You Should Know. I'm not even ashamed anymore. I've been performing on the porch every day.

4.) Android phone apps you can't live without--Tetris, Pairings, Google Maps (GPS!) and Amazon. You know how it is. You're out and realize you need to buy a book. Lookie there! You can do it from your phone! AND SO EASY. WHY IS IT SO EASY?

...I cannot believe I am at the beach adn I have to get up at six to get to the airport. God.

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But you're going TOWARD the cupcakes!

Hee! Texas is evil like that. I spent a week in Galveston and have a sunburn on my back that is still healing. I wasn't even in the sun that much. Still... I'm from Texas and I think the sun just sort of leans on us when it's tired sometimes.

Travel safe! I hope I get to see you at VVC. :)

Yes you can get sunburn without being in the sun - or much. Try aloe vera. Works really well.

Had to laugh about the child. I'm glad to see that you are letting him do it. I'd be proud that he's willing to be so bright but I can see that it might be a little disconcerting. :P

This, yes. For the past year or two I've been acquiring big bottles of 100% aloe gel (preferably the brand that comes clear, rather than the stuff that's tinted green) to use as an after-shave, but it really comes into its own when there's a sunburn to deal with.

If you see me at VVC and wonder why I'm talking to myself, that's because I am at a key plot point in Rebootfic that is now 74K--yeah, I lied.
This can only be a good thing! Besides, you will be among fans, it's not like some of us won't be doing the same.

RE: 1 - The worst sunburn I ever got, which landed me in the hospital, was in Gulf Shores, AL on a cloudy day. I didn't know that an antibiotic I was taking made my sunblock null and void, and it was just so wonderful with the breeze, and the muted sun not giving me a headache, and the NAP. And yeah. HELL, I tell you. Absolute hell. I still have scars on the tops of my shoulders, over 10 years later.

Dude, you totally HAVE to take pictures of this!

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