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that doesn't explain the ocean
children of dune - leto 1
So when I found out there is actual wireless here, I got very excited, but also I was totally I am on vacation. I do not need the internet. Which is a filthy lie, because Arthur the phone has an Android browser, so who was I fooling? No one.

Things to ponder (in no particular order):

1.) On paper, sitting on a wide porch with the breeze in your hair, wearing your bikini and a gauze skirt, and writing in view of the ocean sounds like, inspirational and so romantic. It so totally is not. The wind is windy, the sandy is sandy, and your keyboard gets fucking sticky and your monitor isnt' thrilled either. Just note it. I mean, I am writing, because I'm an obsessed fangirl and this story is sixty two fucking thousand words, which is twenty over what I meant to do with this one and I'm still about 30K from done (God I hope its' only 30K. Don't hold this against me). My betas totally want me dead.

Also, I'm in pajama bottoms and a long sleeve red shirt because breezes are chilly even in August.

2.) I think any food eaten by a body of salt water is "sea food". As I do not like many things that come from the ocean.

3.) We bleached Child's hair. There is a lesson in this.

We bleached Child's hair becuase I've been promising forever we could dye it green for fun. Well, we got manic panic and it totally did not take at all, except a faint olive thing. So I got a bleach kit, did the deed--and Child loves it. It is so hideous. And he's sunburned, and his hair is blond and a weird orangecopper highlight and it clashes. He looks like a surfer gone horribly wrong. He's also boogie-boarding, which just make ti all the more embarrassing. Green. It's like what is wrong with electric lizard green? This is my life. The lesson: do not let your child see the bleached hair before applying teh green dye.

Listening to Jesse McCartney and hating myself less than I did. There is something wrong with that.

(Yes. I am at the beach, on vacation, writing fanfic like it is a disorder. Which you know, it is. I am down with that. Star Trek is not a fandom, it's a lifestyle choice, like flip flops and coffee.)

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OMG, the idea of Child with bleached hair makes me giggle. Promise me I'll get to see it!

Sounds like you're having fun. I envy you!

I'm sitting here picturing you beside the beach in long johns writing star trek smut on a salt-stained keyboard while your bleached-blond sunburned son frolics in the waves under the eyes of a hundred people thinking "my god, where were the parents?!"

I am thinking of this, and I am laughing really really hard.

It sounds like the best vacation ever.

*waves hand* I don't hate you!

Also, of course Child adores bleached hair! Especially with just the right hint of olive. *g*

The next part should be in yoru inbox. Blame the ocean. This thing has a plot.


Okay, you - YOU will understand this.

The girl went to play at a friend's house the other day. A little friend (Who admittedly is now my height, but that is SO not the point) that she has known for years!

And she comes home with black nail polish.

To match her black and gray Miami Ink T-shirt (bought in the men's department). One of the five or six she bought after I stood behind her and and repeated, over and over and over, the montra, "Nope, no skulls. I will not buy you any shirts with skulls. Nope, no AC/DC either. You don't even know who they ARE."

And she wants to dye her hair BLUE.

None of this would bother me if she weren't going back to school in the fall after two years of homeschooling, and she LISTENS TO CLASSICAL MUSIC AND BRITTNEY SPEARS!!!!

Is there any way she won't get eaten alive?

I keep thinking I need to call her cousin, who play in a metal band, to come down for an intervention.


From my limited exposure to middle and high school aged children, I gather that blue hair is somewhat in. I also recall dying my hair that approximate color at 16. For a few hours.

The hair doesn't bother me THAT much. Actually it doesn't bother me at all. Ithink it might bother her teachers a bit - although not as much as her fingernails and black nail polish would - I"m just afraid she is going to stick out as the wierdo at school.


No doubt I should just chill out. No one likes middle school. I should just accept that.

Is your daughter a brunette? I dyed my hair blue-black a couple years ago, which might be a more palatable version than electric blue. If she's a brunette, just get blue hair dye from Sally Beauty or similar beauty supply store and dye her without bleaching first. Comes off as black w/ blue highlights or midnight blue depending on how dark her hair is. If she's blonde, well, there are blue-black hair dyes as well but that might come off as a bit too goth.

As for the music... try transitioning her from Britney Spears into metal? Like, Britney->punkpop->punk->metal? I don't know, at least if she starts listening to Decaydance bands she might not be cannibalized.

Thanks for the advice!

She is half Japanese and has that gorgeous, thick, heavy, Japanese hair. It's not quite black, but close.

I don't know WHAT to do about the music. But I think I will ask her cousin to send a list of bands and songs that he recommends.

Oh man, I'm half Japanese and I wish I had that hair. Mine's more of a medium-brown, though, so perhaps it wouldn't work quite the same (atm it's more red due to summer highlights; I may have to dye it so it doesn't look like a bad grown out dye job :{)

In the summer, Rei gets dark brown highlights, but in the winter her hair really looks black unless you get it under strong natural light.

The red sounds pretty actually - maybe you should get red highlights to emphasize it.


A few years back I spent six months with my hair dyed midnight blue (occasionally with the forelock dyed cupcake pink, though it was tricky to maintain since every shampooing left it a bit more lavender as the blue dye washed out of the main body of my hair and stained the pink lock on the way past). I loved it but it was tricky to maintain. And my cousin told me about a friend who'd had blue hair and then wanted to temporarily overdye it for his grandmother's funeral and wound up with hair that looked like Superman or Wonder Woman's out of a comic book -- black with genuine blue highlights.

ONe of the problems with letting Rei dye her hair is that I know she won't do anything to take care of it. But then again - that is part of being a preteen, right? I should let her do it now when no one will really care what color her hair is.

The Wonder Woman hair sounds really COOL actually!

Yeah, my sister managed to fry her hair in high school, changing the color scheme every month or so. Wound up buzzing it all off right before Xmas one year. Our parents were pretty blase about whatever she did to it -- "Hair grows back!" -- aside from the timing of cropping it all off for a fresh start, but my grandmother was offended (but then again she hates any form of hair coloring, up to and including dyeing it one's own original color to hide grey).

LOL on the Child with bleached hair but if he likes it, that's really all that counts.

LOL again on the fanfic disorder. I took my laptop on a cruise and wrote. :P So I can so see doing it on a beach. But try and at least walk on the beach and enjoy it a bit. The fanfic will be there when you get back.

Star Trek is not a fandom, it's a lifestyle choice, like flip flops and coffee.


Star Trek is not a fandom, it's a lifestyle choice

Truer words have never been spoken. Only, in my experience, once it's dug its claws into you, solidly? It ceases to be a choice so much as a necessity.

I remember when my sister was first experimenting with bright hair dye and tried dyeing her (medium-dark brown) hair purple without pre-bleaching it. It wound up with just the faintest glint of purple in the sunlight, like a varnish on wood. Considering how badly Manic Panic ages, let him enjoy having clean bleached hair for a while and then in a few weeks bring up the green dye again. It should still work, he'll just have dark roots.

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