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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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pointed griping
children of dune - leto 1
Still wallowing in excessive obsession. Also, LJ is being a bitch and fucking with me when I try to answer comments, which is so very not amusing. Of course, IT's been screwing with me as well in uploading, so I should totally not be surprised.

gem225, they came yesterday! Buried in all kinds of goodness. Happy. Also-*Squee*! THank you for the music! *hugshugshugs* You. Are. So. Cool. Thank you so much. *hugs*

Okay, so used recs and did recs from recs, am still sorting through comments in my LJ for interesting stuff, and you know, google is next and that's like the last bastion of hope when all is lost. Statistically speaking, I have been promised the ninety-five percent rule, so somewhere, there's five percent of fic that is hiding or something.

That's probably unfair. Actually, found several stories I liked--or I hallucinated at any rate, since I can't find the damn place I read them. One of those times I wish I didn't dump my history folder so often. Which I am changing now.

a.) Brian mpreg. I don't even have words. There shouldn't BE words. Hell, the alphabet itself has been polluted. Makes me want to change languages. Would Cyrillic do this to Brian? I haven't shuddered so much since trying that skinny-dipping in a frozen lake thing. Which, by the way, was at least fun, with a headrush you wouldn't believe. Whereas this is a sign of the Apocalypse.

b.) Ellipse abuse. At a level that's unreal. It's not that I don't like ellipses--I do. Like commas and random italics, I have a thing for them. But there's using them and then there's making them grovel while they call you daddy, okay? Don't do that to the ellipses.

c.) One more pet name and something's going to give. Don't get me wrong, I can see them. I can. Except when they are EVERY OTHER FUCKING WORD.

d.) I don't like Michael. But he is not Satan. I wish I could get more energetic about this one, but honestly, can't. Michael spends a curious amount of time annoying me. It's like Clark all over again, except whinier. God, Clark, I owe you. I didn't think anyone could outdo you in sheer self-righteous whininess, but man, you are so outclassed. Not always. He has his moments. I just wish he'd have them without a chaser of 'put him out of his misery'.

And also? Email of the week.

Just thought i'd let you know some of your links dont work. Some of the story's and i couldn't get to the link back page either.

Kindly get your mind out of the Middle Ages and remember what century you're in.

Imagine how little I care.

I'm going to go drown in porn. Anyone have QaF recs, do post them. I grovel on command, as all well know.

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Just thought i'd let you know some of your links dont work. Some of the story's and i couldn't get to the link back page either.

Kindly get your mind out of the Middle Ages and remember what century you're in.

Kindly get your grammar books out of the attic and remember which language you're typing in, motherfucker.


I had to have Liv explain the middle age comment to me. Somehow, it just loses it's edge when you can't figure out how they're trying to be rude. Go figure.

*settles on smiting with Bex*

Here's a little PWP vingette that I've always liked. Deanna Zankich's Dirty Dance. The summary she posted is "Emmett gets an eyeful as Brian gets his needs met".

For other stories what do you like particularly? I think I've read almost all (good, bad or indifferent) of the QAF US stories. Most of the authors anyway. Are you looking for porn (I know, always *g*), romance, bondage????? Let me know and I'll try to direct you to specific stories/authors.


I've just finished season 1 QAF and haven't read any fic yet. Do you have any good recs for Brian/Justin relationship fic with bits of porny godness? The Smallville fandom seems to have a lot of these. I would classify it as 'romance' except I don't think I could deal with Brian acting too sappy.

I rented the first two volumes of QaF from Blockbuster last night, but have yet to watch them. House too full of Husband and Daughter Moonshine. Nope. Must wait. *bangs head against wall*

Oh Dev. It's--wow.

God, you have to post your thoughts the SECOND you see it, kay? I've been dying to talk it over with someone! Please please please.

I've only watched the first episodes three times....


Obsession is going to be my tattoo.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh yeah. *grins* The King of Babylon dance. The end of episode two. Anytime they have sex. Yep. I'm predictable. And that is totally okay.

(Deleted comment)
You got them! Hurray! Enjoy the episodes and the music. I've got two more CDs that I want to burn and send you, but since they have nothing to do with QaF, I didn't rush on them. *g*

*hugs* You're really cool and really nice, too. :-D

*hugs ecstatically* I have the damn CD on repeat. SO good. Inspiring, even. *grins*

Ooh! More music? *hopeful*

*Grins* I'm so not nice, I'm manipulative. Possibly also insane. But insanely grateful as well. *grins* Keep thinking on what you want me to write for you.

*thinks of cool things to send you*

Brian mpreg.


That's so very wrong. Right now, that thought's just left me kinda speechless.

So wrong.

I'd seen Maleficient's mpreg, a crossover with The Kindred in which Brian is a Vampire lord and Justin his consort. Magic of course being utilised to impregnate our drama princess.

But I've not seen the Brian mpreg. Don't think I'll go there.


I don't read QaF fic, but I do watch the show, and I found the SV/QaF cross-over, Queer as Folk I & II to be both hot and with excellent characterization. I nom'd it in the treasury or you can find it on SSA.

(Deleted comment)
I so love your new icon, I find myself coming back to your LJ just to stare at it. Justin and Brian *sigh*

*g* Vee

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