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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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eula lee and laura ling released from north korea
children of dune - leto 1
For the few people who haven't gotten a chance to see this:

On ONTD, pictures of the returning journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling at the reunion with their families, and video of the reunion and their statement.

Hands up--you are told you are going to a meeting, probably thinking you are about to find out what camp you will be living out teh next twelve years, and you see Bill fucking Clinton? I'm not sure I'd be verbal for a few months.

Yes, I cried three times looking at pictures, then again at the video. I have no shame.

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kjdsfj that video made me a teary mess

*sighs* That was me. I was helping Madelyn unscreen for BB.

You know, this is why I could never carry off a freaking sockpupet. I WOULD DO THINGS LIKE THIS.

Anyway, WHAT YOU SAID. Just--everything.

I watched it live this morning, and it still makes me tear up when I think about it!

Me too. It's just perfect.

I suspect it was better than if Superman himself were standing there.

Every time I see the pictures and hear the story I cry. I cannot imagine how wonderful a feeling that must have been for those women to walk in the room and see BILL CLINTON. So freakin' awesome.

Oh, God, I was totally tearing up watching the video. The little girl clinging to her mother was just...ack, my heart!

I've been following it on NPR, but getting the visuals?

*is weeping*

Oh my god, that made me teary -- I was so not expecting that.

I was expecting to tear up. I wasn't really expecting to find myself weeping quietly. Oh my god, that woman's face when she sees her little girl. I can't even-- oh my god.

What a wonderful, overwhelming, world-changing shock it must have been to have WJC there to get you.

I saw that video on the news thrice yesterday and bawled every single time. :(( :((

Awww. I was all teary too.

Though, this video mentions something I didn't previously realize - the women worked for Al Gore's news service. He was, in some way, possibly responsible for their situation. It'll be interesting to see how that gets covered...

I cannot imagine how surreal it must have been to walk through that door in North Korea and see Bill Clinton.

I can't even watch the video for crying too hard. daymn.

Thank you for sharing this!

I teared up too! It's nice to see something positive and so beautiful on the news.

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