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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is a cheap and easy way to entertain myself--it's kind of masochistic but it works
I am listening to Jesse McCartney and I like it. Last night in a fugue writing state I grabbed a Jonas Brothers. I had it memorized before I realized who it was I was singing along with.

Y'all, it's not like I've ever been anything other than mainstream here; I don't even like South by Southwest that much (for the love of God, don't spread that around; pretty sure you can get thrown out of Austin for that). But there is a line, and that line is anyone that appears on the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network.

...I just caught myself singing ...thought you should know I tried my best to let go of you and I have a horrible feeling I've been humming along with this for a while. Can I claim some kind of identity crisis and have a hipster-lite thing going on?

So, looking at my active workplace playlist--

Momma Sed by Puscifer
Frozen Oceans, Shiny Toy Guns
Circus, Britney Spears
Battlefield, Jordin Sparks
Out from Under, Britney Spears
Major Tom. Shiny Toy Guns
Running Up That Hill (2007 Digital Remaster), Placebo
I Hate This Part, The Pussycat Dolls
Poker Face, Lady GaGa
So Long, Good-bye, 10 Years
Miss You, Candlebox
Stripped, Shiny Toy Guns
What About Everything?, Carbon Leaf
Just So You Know, Jesse McCartney
Blurry, Puddle of Mudd
Unbeautiful, Lesley Roy
Lose You, Pete Yorn
She's So High, Kurt Nilsen
Breaking Inside Shinedown
Running Up That Hill (Live From Santiago), Placebo
Not Meant to Be, Theory of a Deadman

...yes, I listen to two different versions of Running Up That Hill on the same rotation. People, I have a playlist devoted to Hallelujah. I also have a playlist devoted to songs that I like but keep forgetting I have. No, it's actually called that. Songs I Like and Forget I Have. It's kind of small. I keep forgetting to add music to it.

Show me your musical (maybe) shame. Come on, everyone has some. I purchased Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell two weeks ago. I cannot judge. At least, I don't think I can.

ETA: Okay, Unbeautiful has this huge crescendo moment and I actually started singing it. It's catchy! Unbeautiful by Lesley Roy. This kind of epitomizes my favorite music.

ETA 2: To be fair this is a really catchy song. DAMN YOU TEEN STARS. DAMN YOU ALL.

ETA 3: Okay, so there's something really satisfying about growling out take it like a man when all your macros have a break with reality. Thank you Pucifer. You have made my life better in so many ways.

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(Deleted comment)

(Deleted comment)
Somehow, I can justify the fact I have three Adam Lambert tracks by the fact I read the RPS.

...it doesn't make sense, per se, if that's what we're looking for here. Yet I am okay with this. Especially if I am listening while reading.

(Deleted comment)
...I may or may not have two albums by David Cook and most of his AI singles. No particular reason.

my playlists are almost entirely made up of musicals and mainstream British girl-pop. (Sugababes, Saturdays, All Saints, with a bit of Lady Gaga and Pussycat Dolls on the side). Can't stand a lot of indie, any metal or punk unless it's the Clash or going down the Blondie route. Even thoguh I own and adore a lot of dance music and some seriously odd world-type stuff, I just don't tend to put it on my mp3 player. The last thing I dl'd was the Ewoks song specifically to cheer me up at work. So I have no shame.

Even thoguh I own and adore a lot of dance music and some seriously odd world-type stuff, I just don't tend to put it on my mp3 player.

My dance and hip-hop are like my company music? Like when I feel active or something. Not my general lazily listening.

I work well to Pucifer. Something about mumbling a changes come throatily just inspires me.

I caught myself singing High School Musical the other day (I totally blame my nine-year-old, yeah, that's it). Also you can TOTALLY get thrown out of Austin for not liking SXSW--I had to keep my head down for my entire adolescence! ....and also again, I had Bat Out Of Hell stuck in my head for THREE DAYS last week.

Oh man. If my niece were about two years older? I'd be there.

I was raised by rogue country musicians. My ability to identify anything and everything between Hank Williams Version 1.0 and Cyrus the Younger has, in fact, been used as a means of hustling locals on various paleontological digs. (I'm not proud of it, okay, but I needed my Coke fix and I didn't have the cash on me. You do what you gotta do.)

Which is to say, I have neither shame nor any room to judge.

Oh God, you too? There was this jukebox at the local family owned bar/dinner place and they had nothing after George Strait. I could sing freaking Waltzing Matilda before I even knew there was a genre called pop.

My ability to identify anything and everything between Hank Williams Version 1.0 and Cyrus the Younger has, in fact, been used as a means of hustling locals on various paleontological digs.

....you are my hero. *hearts*

For more mainstream-ness, have Jesse McCartney covering T-Pain. You're welcome. (I had this song stuck in my head for three days, so I'm thinking it someone else's turn now.)

....I hate you.


I feel sham for all the stuff I have that appears non-ironically in commercials. "No You Girls," "The Funeral," and "Major Tom" are on my playlists.

I will never apologize for my Bad Company, Bon Jovi, Patsy Cline, or Johnny Cash collections. MY LOVE IS PURE AND KNOWS NO SHAME.


...though okay, The Funeral? I got that from the entire Anonymous/Scientology thing last year.

*tries to remember shame*

You have Kurt Nilsen on your playlist? Awesome.

My guilty pleasure? I have so many. Boybands. NKOTB to BSB to Westlife. I started listening to Hanson only a few years ago and have since seen them twice in concert. I gave the JoBros a listen but I wasn't feeling it. However, I watched an episode of "Jonas" and I enjoyed it. Have seen all 3 HSMs. And I have almost every single CD released by a Canadian Idol finalist. I'm going to stop now.

I either love everything on that list, or I've never heard of it (which I'm interpreting to mean I need to go find it ASAP, because did I mention I LOVE everything else?)

I gave up having guilty music pleasures--I got too much pleasure out of them to feel guilty, half the time.

What's a good Jonas Bros song? I've been meaning to investigate them.

Also, I've had this one on repeat for a couple days now: Straight Through My Heart by BSB. It's cheesy and bouncy and the lyrics don't make much sense but that doesn't stop me from belting out the chorus like a grinning moron.

Oooh, BSB. I can remember the days when your BSB vs. N*SYNC affiliation determined who your friends were.

Sadly, the song that I've had stuck in my head was the new Coca-Cola "Open Happiness" song, which I only listened to because there were several Decaydance/FBR people in it. I blame Brendon Urie (also, the new Panic! single off of Jennifer's Body is similarly earwormy and catchy).

OMG, the Disney Channel and Nick ARE MY LIFE. Mostly, I blame my daughters (they're 8 and 11). But, yk, the shows pass the Bechdel Test a whole lot more often than my buddy scifi shows do!

I have recently got sick of the same old pop radio stations and now have my car radio tuned to "Hot Country". I kid you not, that is the station name. And every time Tim McGraw's (I think) "It's a business doing pleasure with you" comes on, I sing to my heart's content.

And then I pop in a CD, like that old Shep is a flyboy mix, and sing to somehting closer to my usual style (indy rock type stuff).

I must say, I liked "Bat Out of Hell 2" much better than the first.

I own the 45rpm of David McCallum speaking a 'song' I'm not sure, since I haven't played it in years, but it's something like:

Who Am I?
Lost, Not knowing why,
But I need to know...

I also own some of Leonard Nimoy's albums picked up as a kid.

Disney is insidious, I swear. My boss and I have a theory that it waits until you're at your weakest moment, and then it smashes its way into your heart in an explosion of pink glitter. This is really the only explanation for how I ended up watching three straight hours of JONAS — not to mention two of my bosses and I watching High School Musical 3 in the middle of work on Friday. It was fabulous.



When we go to Disney, you and the Girl can exchange play lists.


PS - I"m on a new computer and have lost all my chat IDs. Email with who your are on AIM again, pretty please?

perhaps I am still a little more annoyed about this than anticipated.

[oh look my playlist is the same as yours... >.> or close enough.]

I am surrounded by people who are 'indie' and very pointed about how they listen to JJJ and not commercial radio stations and how their taste in music is cooler than my taste in music so I got over the shame a long time ago and told all my friends who felt that it increased their cred to tell me how shitty my taste in music was, to fuck off because really, I like what I listen to and it's all subjective and a lot of what they listen to sounds like noise to me so meh.

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