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more recs, yes, I know, but this is how I reward myself!
children of dune - leto 1
Recs! Yes, I know, but I am rewarding myself for twenty pages of editing, so I am allowed to procrastinate and rave about awesome fic.

I'm trying not to theme by author, since in general, if I like one story by an author, it's fair to say I'll like everything by them, so probably only one story by an author per rec set.

Star Trek Reboot RPS - Zach/Chris

Mancrush by withthepilot - my love for this is pure and giggly and awesome. Also, she totally had me at the title.

Hang Me Up to Dry by 1297 - this is delicious, delicious, delicious porn with a taste for exhibitionism. Yes, I know, I love this fandom. And this author, for that matter.

Take Me Out by winterlive - Zach/Chris/Zoe, Zach/Chris - this was a very clever plan. I love threesomes with bisexual epiphanies, and this one is smoking. I also love winterlive and am trying to set up a cult in her honor. Apply in comments for junior priestess positions, plz.

Inhabiting by gigantic - bar none, this is one of my favorite stories. It's slow and meandering and builds a relationship from the ground up and seamlessly translates to romance until it feels there's no other way this ever could have gone. It's even better in re-read.

It's a Bright Day (Even If You Stand in the Dark) by xsunnydayx - This is another in the re-read regularly category. I'm trying to think of a way to get across how pretty this one is, but just, you know, go for it.

Poll, As I Am Bored

Okay, so. Because I like to please, and also, because I can't think of what to do next, pick two fandoms you'd like to see me rec from and if I have stories from them, I'll do a rec post on the two most checked.

[Note; I haven't updated my rec page in like, a year, so believe it or not, I have like, five hundred unsorted recs, some not even marked yet. This is getting intimidating. This will help me hunt them down!]

Poll #1435948 Fandom Recommendations

Your fandoms of choice:

American Idol RPS
Due South
Star Trek Reboot
Star Trek Reboot RPS
Stargate Atlantis
Other, explained in comments

ETA: This might help.

Rec webpage: Recs (update dates listed by fandom)

LJ Recs:

due south
other fandoms (random)
queer as folk
recs: star trek reboot
recs: star trek reboot rps
recs: star trek voyager
recs: stargate:atlantis 2005
recs: stargate:atlantis 2006
recs: stargate:atlantis 2007
recs: stargate:atlantis 2008
recs: stargate:atlantis 2009
recs: vids
recs: x-men movieverse

even though I only occasionally write or read it anymore, and if I do write it, it's almost always just for myself, I can't imagine ever NOT defining myself as in LOTRIPS. it wasn't my first fandom, it wasn't my last, but it's the one that I have never fallen out of love with.

edit, after re-reading the post more carefully: I don't actually expect recs in this fandom. I was just going to accuracy. :)

Edited at 2009-07-27 09:41 pm (UTC)

It is a teeny tiny fandom, but I love The Big Bang Theory. cereal writes some great stuff, and of course annakovsky's story for last year's yuletide was made of yay.

(Deleted comment)
I picked Merlin. Star Trek Reboot and Atlantis (non Shepp/McKay)

I suck at choosing only two.

I chose 3, but I think Star Trek Reboot and Star Trek Reboot RPS can appear in the same recs list. Maybe that makes me a heathen, but I'm okay with that. :)

Thank you for the awesome recs. I have dishes to do, but they can wait. Or maybe I'll copy your example and use these stories as a reward. Hmm. Spock voice: "This idea has merit".

Although canon is making it hard right now, I am a Supernatural fan at heart.

Apply in comments for junior priestess positions, plz.

Now, the question is: do these positions require an extended knowledge of yoga? If so, I'm unfortunately out. :P

*snort* That should be extensive. It's ten to midnight and I think I'd better be going to bed now. Though the lure of the RPS fic is strong...

Inhabiting by [info]gigantic - bar none, this is one of my favorite stories.
Right!? My favorite part is where Zach grabs Chris' wrist in the air balloon and doesn't let go.

Other - Merlin rps. :D

Your last set was helpful since I had missed a couple of Merlin stories. Thanks.

I love your icon!

And seeing his face and haircut and ears just a two comments down from a reboot!Spock icon makes me think of a Merlin/Star Trek fusion.

Can you have akward, slightly clumsy Vulcans?

I've finally fallen for Merlin, and I'd love to find whatever good fic has been written for it.

Criminal Minds, NCIS, Supernatural...if it's a good story, it usually doesn't matter what the fandom is.

Damn, it was so hard to choose because I read ALL of those fandoms, except SGA!! MRPH.

I might not have read closely enough, and so I basically clicked, like--four fandoms instead of two. Whoops.

In addition to Merlin and the New Star Trek, I read in the following fandoms. Harry Potter, Stargate1, The Sentinel, Highlander, Pet Shop of Horrors, Good Omens, The Man from Uncle, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek TOS, Star Wars - Master and Apprentice.

Harry Potter is my main fandom, but I keep up still with many of my older ones.

This is all your fault. I had no interest in Star Trek RPS until you started to rec stories. Now I find Chris Pine incredibly hot. (Which is strange, since I like Spock better than Kirk, but Pine better than ZQ.)

This is my way of saying thank you for all the recommendations, and kept them coming.