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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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more recs, it is that kind of a day
children of dune - leto 1
More recs, as it is Sunday and I am lazy. We should have a Porn Sunday Rec meme or something.

Pinto - Zach/Chris (Star Trek Reboot RPS)

Spelling Bee in Your Pants by antihysteric - English teacher AU. This should not be as awesome, adorable, and very well characterized as this is (can I say that about RPS?). But it is. Okay, so not Sunday Porn, but so much fun.

Papparrazzi by mizubyte - life led in the lens of a camera. Or, how they see each other. IT's established relationship, and quiet, and sweet, and kind of totally awesome.

Documentation by elandrialore - she needs to really write more. Fic with macros! Story-required macros! And so freaking adorable I kind of want to curl up and purr while reading. Which I maybe just did because when I open it, I kind of have to re-read it.

Learn to Fly by 1297 - see, this one was recced to me as The One Where Chris Gets Arrested! And it's so much more. It's kind of misunderstanding and people acting like idiots and then it's happy. I just--flails. This.

This Shaking Keeps Me Steady by 2057 - okay, this is your Sunday porn. Long, hot, talky Sunday porn. Chris is drunk and perhaps less sexually confused than he really thinks he should be. I am good with this.

Merlin - Merlin/Arthur

The Play's The Thing by shinybug - so there is this potential marriage? And Merlin tries to get him out of it, sort of? And it's kind of insanely cute, and Merlin is not subtle. At all.

Insubordination by mclachland - Arthur, the uses of power, and Merlin. It's one of my favorite looks into Arthur's head, and I love him this much in love, even if he's not entirely sure that's what this is.

Look For Me Under Your Boot Soles by glass_icarus - so it's been--*seesaw hand*--a thousand years or so. Arthur finds Merlin. It's how he does it that's pretty nifty.

Midwinter by aleathiel - First, I love things named after major times of year. I mean, fics called stuff like Eclipse, and Dark of the Moon and like, Voting Day totally do it for me. Please stop laughing now. I just have a thing for it. This however, also wins for being lovely, with midwinter gifts and just. Yes, this. The affection is perfect.

Okay, now what?

I really really really need more to read. I also need an egg mcmuffin, and currently, I'm trying to decide which is more likely to occur. *stares* This is not a transparent hit at winterlive at all.

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Oh this is what you need to read next, srsly. The author's summary:

Dean learned to play the piano at his mother’s knee. Now, fifteen years after her death, his talent for music is a secret he keeps from everybody, especially his father. Stuck in a small town for the rest of the school year, looking after a brother who’s growing apart from him and training for a future of hunting that he’s not sure that he wants, Dean finds an unlikely confidant in an elderly Jewish man who’s haunted by his own secrets. It’s a year of firsts, hunting alone and falling in love, but when a monster from the tragic past starts wreaking havoc on the people of the town, Dean must come to terms with his own fears and desires in order to save the people he cares about the most.

And it sounds unlikely, right? But it's one of the most beautiful stories I've read in a long time, and it is - improbably, wonderfully, terribly - somehow canon compliant. Give it a shot!

Bookmarking now! That does sound interesting.

Thank you for the Pinto fic recommendations. I am totally amazed at the quality of writers creating their stories (and Kirk/Spock). It reminds me of the early days of SG1.

Yes, this. Very much so. If only there were more.

*rereads 'This Shaking Keeps Me Steady' for the seventeenth time*


Yay! More Pinto recs! I'm a little in love with the pairing yet too busy to go searching out fic myself at the moment, so they are much appreciated. :)

There's such good stuff. I could totally tinhat so easily.

very well characterized as this is (can I say that about RPS?)

we're going to have a very long talk about this.

Yay, recs! I think your recent recs (especially the Disney one) have got me addicted to Pinto. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, or bad.

Oh, wow, thank you for the rec! What a lovely surprise.

I swear I was beign facetious about the does rps have characterization. But yes, I love that story very much.

Thanks for the rec bb! ;-) you're too sweet

Oh, wow, uh -- a little late because I was horrifically sick this weekend, but thanks for the rec (2057 here, that's just my fic journal)! I'm really flattered, actually. ♥

Hi, hello! Just dropping you a quick note to let you know I'm friending you (because I always think it's cool when people let me know), since I've recently fallen into Merlin, and I remember you as a wonderful presence on my f-list and some such from, uh. Smallville, yes! (Back when I was zarah5.)

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