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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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right, a poll! let's make this scientifical
Okay, poll. Context below the cut. Do not read context before giving your answer!

Poll #1435167 Jeans!

Is it really insane to sleep in new jeans a night or two so as to break them in?

Yes, of course it is. Who doesn't? Crazy people, that's who.
No, but I think I should embrace this idea as it is totally brilliant.
Are you drinking? Like, recently?
I don't wear jeans. I am crazypants and denim is of the devil.
I will answer in comments using the voice of Zachary Quinto

Filled it out? Good. Now click.

seperis: <--sleeping in jeans to break them in
svmadelyn: *dies*
svmadelyn: i..you are a special snowflake
seperis: You don't?
svmadelyn: These jeans killed my clothes budget for six months.
svmadelyn: nobody does!
seperis: Sure they do.
seperis: That's how you break them in.
seperis: These suckesr are going ot last.
svmadelyn: ...okay, poll on this.
seperis: Okay
svmadelyn: and don't give any hints as to who thinks what
svmadelyn: you're a bnf and they'll side with you. *sniff*
seperis: I can't paste the convo?
seperis: *sulks*
svmadelyn: if you paste it after the poll
svmadelyn: with a cut tag
seperis: So thsi has some, say, context?
svmadelyn: and explicit directions that they have to fill out the poll FIRST
svmadelyn: then you may.
svmadelyn: who needs context.
svmadelyn: but a very UNBIASED POLL.


(Deleted comment)
It's more I have a bad habit of falling asleep in jeans and I need to be prepared. Plus new jeans, like post-washed jeans, are weirdly tight in the oddest and most random places on me the first few weeks. IT IS SELF DEFENSE.

You'd better be glad your AC is fixed. Sleeping in jeans is *hot*. (As in sweaty...)

Sleeping in jeans is so uncomfortable! Even accidental 20 minute naps! Ouch.

I've never done it myself but I have a friend who says it works. I probably wouldn't try it - they'd probably press into all my tender points. And I have enough trouble with sleeping already without being uncomfortable.

You Are Not Crazy... at least in this

I do it. I wash the pants at least once to get all the store stink and left over dye cleaned off, then I sleep in them at least one night, more if I can.

I think it's a easy way to stretch jeans out so they fit right when I finally wear them out.

Re: You Are Not Crazy... at least in this

Yes, this! Exactly! I cold wash and do not put in the dryer and sleep in them so I can tell how they are going to fit once the newness wears off and to break them in. Exactly.

(Deleted comment)
*sulks quietly* Just locally owned free trade organic coffee!

(apparently, I am supposed to clarify my coffee politics when speaking of coffee? I apparently fail at being green adn progressive--that's a lot of words to say "coffee, delicious", y'know?)

I am going to second everybody who said "ow". But I suppose it is ingenious, if you can stand it. Making use of all that wasted time!

My question is, do you dry clean them to keep them from shrinking? I can't even imagine buying a pair of *super* expensive jeans that really fit and then throwing them in the dryer, but if you don't, then they're stiff.

Although I have had wool and linen (not together! Although it'd be Interesting) slacks that DID shrink during dry cleaning.

Also, pls spill the brand. Not that they'd probably fit me anyway -- to get a real pair of jeans that fit I'll probably have to wait until the high waist comes back in, and it's been almost 20 years *now*. It might not happen in my lifetime. Yes, I ran across a Britney cd from 1992 where she's wearing low-rise.

True Religion. And srsly, comfy as hell. I even bought a size smaller to compensate for the fact jeans stretch and they still rock.

I don't (usually) dry my jeans, but put fabric softener in teh washer and then hang them to dry outside (under a tree) or during winter, in teh garage. Only when they get stretched out too much do I dry them regularly. Honestly, even fabric softener isn't usually necessary depending on detergent.

...I was going to say it only makes sense if you put them on Friday night and wear them all weekend before going out in public..........but then I realize how craz-ee that sounded.....

...that maeks sense if I had somewhere important to be on Monday....

I... have never heard of anyone doing this. Like, on purpose, and to some specific end. (Taking a nap in jeans just because I'm too lazy to change happens all the time.) Have I just been that sheltered? Is there a whole world out there of sartorial nighttime shenanigans that's been lost to me? I'm not sure whether to feel grateful or deprived. O_o

You win for most fun use of vocabulary and the word sartorial used correctly in context!


Admittedly, I no longer wear jeans, but of course you should sleep in them. At least, I thought it was obvious until I saw the poll results. You sleep in clothes, then wash them, then sleep in them, so that way they are nice and soft and broken in sooner!

This is freaking brilliant. YES THIS. I do this with new clothes all the time to get used to them and find teh perfect way they are supposed to fit.

See and here I was just going to let that slide in IM.

But now that you've made a POST about it. There is mocking. It is great mocking. There are names and drawings and everything. Somewhere there's a pie chart. The only time I have 'slept' in jeans is when I have gone out and come back in the morning. There was possibly no sleeping. Or soberness. So it counts.

You are not a believer. I scorn.

Learning about other people's secret jeans habits. Wai to go.

People need to not be ashamed and bring it out. BRING OUT YOUR SARTORIAL HABITS. It's progressive, yo.

to break in jeans I run them over with my Jeep at least once, then put them on and wear them day and night until they start to smell bad. this may or may not include sleeping in them, depending on the weather.

I don't usually sleep in new jeans, but I am terrible about remembering to change out of jeans before napping, so honestly, I see nothing strange about it at all. It's not like it gets in the way of sleep.