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jeans, ddr2, and recs
children of dune - leto 1
It has been a lovely shopping day. By lovely, I mean, I spent far too much. Apparently, I am thrifty and careful up until a saleswoman at Nordstrom's just makes my life perfect by going out and finding every pair of jeans in my size while I wait in the dressing room. This is how I walked out with jeans that fit incredibly well and also perhaps not in my budget like, at all.


To be fair--seriously, all I had to give was my size and boom, I was inundated with jeans of a hundred types. Here is what I learned on current jean trends.

1.) Skinny jeans are of the devil. I can get them to fit my hips and thighs and they're fine. Then the calf. I do not have unusual calves. It was freaky. Who are these made for? They were longer than my calves and yo, I have long legs. It was like alien!calves jeans. Very strange.

2.) I actually prefer wide or boot cut to straight leg due to above mentioned calf issue. Just. What the hell was up with that?

3.) To avoid this problem, I should avoid places like Nordstrom if I don't want my card to get a lot more exercise than it should. But these jeans. Oh these jeans. These jeans.

Also went to Marshals and bought some t-shirts and a top for work and some more exercise pants, since I have come to the conclusion I am more likely to exercise if I am wearing comfy clothes.

This brings us to Dance Dance Revolution 2.

Wii and the War for a Workout

Wii Fit gets boring. I mean, I love the yoga and whatnot, but I need like, variety to keep in shape, because it's not like my defining characteristic is my lack of an attention span. And Dance Dance Revolution 2 has a workout mode, where you set your calorie or time limit and you just pick dances and dance to them. Each dance is theoretically between six and ten calories and to score high, it does require concentration and it's really a lot of fun, even if I'm still at basic (lowest is beginner). As in, I started working with difficult in training mode and holy God. I don't have that many feet. This makes me deeply suspicious of all those youtubes of that four year old who is hitting DDR2 like the fist of God--did anyone notice if he had an extra leg? No other explanation.

But it is fun, and probably the easiest and fastest way to get me to exercise, though I only like four songs on there, and the one for Grease is just disturbing. Recommended if you really hate exercise. It's a load of fun. Child and I do two player workout daily in thirty minute increments. I have noticed that I don't get exhausted nearly as fast after five days of this. The problem I'm running up against is that I get bad at it because I'm tired, but it's not running me to exhaustion anymore, which argues that I should start running to see if that helps. Mostly I stop when I offend myself with a whole bunch of B scores. AA or nothing.

Pinto Recs!

This is not like, a complete listing. These are four the ones I marked for niqaeli once upon a time that I remembered in a twenty second period of time and one from today because leupagus wanted to title the story "And I Feel (Captain) Fine" and that is like the greatest title ever.

So we'll start with that one.

That's Great, It Starts With An Earthquake by leupagus - oh my heart. Oh Zach and his weakness for out of tune, knows-all-the-words, smart live action karaoke guys. Which you know, is totally understandable--I mean, if Chris is singing in German? I'd learn German, no lie. Anyway. Read this one.

Kink Meme: Fear of Thunder - okay, I can feel the flich. I, too, have been haunted by things on teh kink meme of disturbing specificity and perhaps should not have read them, but this is not one of them. It's hysterical and Chris is resignedly self-aware and kind of adorable, and they get in a closet but not metaphorically or symbolically, so read this, okay?

The Worst of Truths Are Behind Us by godofwine - oh yes. It's really awkward and unnerving and you know okay, that cute guy you totally wanted to do but he totally intimidated you? This is sort of if you nailed him anyway and then woke up and realized holy shit I totally hit that! And panicked. Seriously. I mean, this has not happened to me like, ever. I felt no connection to Chris' pain.

You Know I Don't Ask for Much followed by Hit the Floor and Work It Out by winterlive - I have these memorized, okay? Memorized. Mild(ish) D/s, and unholy hot, and three stories and it's--*waves hands*. Read this. It is love. It's insanely hot. Favorites forever! And not jsut saying that to get more! Speaking of, if anyone else wants to join in a group effort to get her to write more, sign-up in comments for shifts in begging. I am not too proud to beg.

Adumbrating by lastling - this one has a neat, easy flow of time and character which I loved. I loved the jogging machine and the running and the easy feelings between teh two of them. And I love this because it makes me smile every damn time.

In closing--jeans! I have jeans that fit! I am happy!

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DDR! I love DDR! My roommate and I are making our own pads because he can't get those stupid plastic ones to stay still on the floor. Once it slipped out from under him entirely and he went flying backwards! It was awful. I laughed really hard after I'd made sure he hadn't cracked his head open.

So, you might want to be happy that you don't have as many feet as him? At least you can stay on your pad :D


We have foam stuff on teh floor for my sisters' kids, so the pad sticks *nicely*. Slick floors would not work. Child still has his skidding.

How do you make your own?


Those were the two links I managed to drag out of my roommate. Best that I understand, we'll be doing a modification on the modification ^.^;;;

Jeans That Fit are one of the Best Things Ever, IMO. (When I spent $*mumble*$ on my maternity jeans, I was convinced they made my ass look awesome. And I wore them CONFIDENTLY, which is probably why I looked awesome. :)

I seriously hid the reciept from myself so I wouldn't have to admit how much I spent. *facepalm*

It was worth it! I firmly believe that! Wear Those Jeans with pride! You deserve them!


Also? You make me want DDR. Can we get it for the Wii?

YES! I got it for the Wii. I love it for the Wii. IT IS AWESOME.

I'm srsly addicted to workout mode.

Skinny jeans are...weird to say the least.

And I have read all of these stories, dammit! (I think I've read about 90% of the good and not-so-good ZQ/CP fic by now, actually.) Winterlive indeed needs to write moar. *signs up*

I get my recs from you. *sulks* We need more!

SGA spoiled me with its abundance of (good)fic. :(

(Deleted comment)
I keep tellingmy credit card that. And honestly, they are the only jeans I have that have a special hangar in my closet so I can look at them in passionate love.

(Deleted comment)

Re: with illustrations!

The scrunch is okay, but the insanity is the tightness of the calves. Are they supposed to be that tight? I mean, if they are, I can get used to it, but wow.

These are still looser than the ones I tried on. What brnad are those? I tried Rock adn Roll, Citizens for Humanity, True Religion, and I think Marc Jacobs or something? All of them were insane tight from ankle to knee (though the True Religion fit, and were a bit stretchy and super long, so those fit best, though still, the calf tightness was disturbing).

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: with illustrations!

*clicks to read*

Re: with illustrations!

Ohhh, I saw those brands. And yeah, I've learned to buy one size smaller than i'm comfortable with, because my other two pair officially slide off my hips without a belt, and I just bought them in January. My weight fluctuates, but not that much.

Hmm. So those skinnies probalby did fit correctly, I just didn't know that. It makes sense. Now I kind of wish I'd gotten them if they were supposed to be that weird. Because seriously, I had to peel them off my calves and that was just weird.

Re: with illustrations!

Oh! J Brand! Those are the ones that turned out to be too short, weirdly enough. The Stella True Religion were the skinny I tried on. Looking at the picture--yeah, they're actually supposed to look like that.

Huh. *makes note*

Gawd, jeans. Don't designers realize that women are not made with straight lines?? I mean, if a pair fits my ass, it's about three hundred inches too big in the waist. Are my hips supposed to be the same size as my waist? I don't THINK so. And I'm a lightweight - I just got my mother's hips, which are FEMALE, thank you.

Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine? ;-)


*sigh* I actually don't approve of RPS in theory. I had to acknowledge that this made me a freaking hypocrite when the J2 got too tempting to pass up. My hypocrisy grows *thunks head*

Ooooo, more recs! I have been depending on the suggestions from crackenterprise (spot on, most of the time) and random and sundry from the flist.

These will be excellent for getting through a dreary Monday.

I had a friend who used to have the old dance mat thing and I think we only knew about three songs on it. I can probably still dance some bits of Cameo's Word Up, for some reason unbeknownst to me! But they're fun things.

Also, jeans shopping. Have to do this, particularly as almost became a Charlie Chaplin sketch in the airport where the rather officious Romanian officials asked me to remove my belt and walk through the metal detector. And then complain about my wooden hair stick grumblemumble

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