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life lived in a sauna
children of dune - leto 1
So I am in Texas and the air conditioner is out and I am in Texas and the air conditioner is out and maybe if I keep repeating that, it will magically make it start working?

So you know, if you don't hear from me again, svmadelyn gets my LJ and I guess Child will go up in auction at ebay?

Checking how much space is left in the fridge. I think I might fit?

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I'm prepared to do "buy it now" for child immediately.

eek! I'm sorry. That has to suck. Think cool thoughts! btw, it's 66F here. You should head north.

oh god. As someone also currently in Texas, all I can say is, I am so, so sorry.

I live in Georgia and my air conditioner went out when it was 98 degrees and about 1000% humidity. You have my sympathies. (Have you checked the breaker switch? That's what turned out to be the problem with mine. It usually is, if it quits working suddenly like that.)

If you're in Texas in July and the a-c is out, I think you're justified in spending the night at a cheap hotel with working air conditioning, because Texas in high summer with no a-c is the equivalent of mid-January in northern New Hampshire with the heater broken.

No, everyone in Texas already knows that stuff. It's why we like to point and laugh at Yankees who find themselves dealing with heat waves up north (or who have recently moved to Texas) and flail about how ungodly hot it is and wonder how anyone can possibly stand it. Because we're used to this shit. And use AC jacked up to lower indoor temperatures to the 60s to compensate.

You are in Texas in late July and the air conditioner's out. That is a state of emergency, as far as I'm concerned! (I'm in Houston.) Hope you get it fixed SOON.

Oof!! That is no good. Until you can get it fixed, perhaps a lot of really cold showers? You can breathe better in there than in the fridge!

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Phoenicians, represent!

(I live in Mesa. We FINALLY got rain two nights ago; it was nice. Because I mean if we're going to suffer the damn humidity it can at least deign to rain!)

*winces* ...At least the rain cooled things off a little?

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On the other hand, it's not 100 degrees, so that's something.

(Deleted comment)
Austin was at 74F when I made that post, IIRC, but we're back up to 96F now, so.... At least she's not in Houston? ;)

OH. MY. GOD. No AC in Austin today and you're still sane enough to speak in complete sentences? I'm in awe. I can't go outside these days for more than a minute or I start to lose my mind. The heat and humidity are getting to me.

At least it rained and cooled down a little?

Oh, you poor thing :(

Julad told me her trick once of wetting your hair, and it really does cool your whole body down. Also, I've found putting wash cloths in the freezer can bring some relief.

How horrible. Get that sucker fixed - now!

Sending you cool thoughts.

One of my tricks I developed for surviving Tennesseean summers without an A/C: close and fill the sink in the bathroom with cold water (well, as cold as it would run -- you could add ice, if desired); plunge face into it. Repeat as needed.

Keeping your neck cool will help your overall impression of the heat a lot. Try cold packs on your neck, or wet/dampened towels, whichever you've got. And fans will help, of course; circulating air is always slightly less miserable.

You've my sympathies! *virtual hugs that do not involve actual body contact since that might be unpleasant in the heat*

Oh man, I feel your pain. Middle of last month, I came home from vacation to find my a/c had gone out while I was away. The closed house was over 110 degrees.

As a fellow Texan, I am so sorry.

Oh my god, I would die. (probably literally) I hope all is working again stat!

But can your laptop fit in there with you? *throws wet cloths over you*

Oh CRAP. As someone living in Louisiana, I can absolutely sympathize. Here's a thought... if there's not enough room for you in the fridge, would Child fit? Then you can hug Now-Chilled-Child until warm, then re-refridge?

If not, there's always the "bowl of ice on the table, fan blowing across the bowl and directly onto your body" strategy that I use after hurricanes, with a battery powered fan and whatever's left in the ice chest.

Who needs fresh milk or anything else if they are too hot to live? I agree - move into the fridge!

Yeah, ours used to go out every fucking summer, right when we'd reached the really hot weather -- since, of course, to save on the electric bills, Mom wouldn't turn on the AC until it got into the 90s. I was astonished that we had no problems this year -- I'm guessing this is the legacy of all the smokers having quit or moved out in the past year or two.

As a Houstonian, you have my sympathies. We only seem to have our big financial meltdowns (which result in the power getting turned off) in the middle of the summer. Last year: three days with no A/C.

How high do you think the bids on Child might go?

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