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arthur and i continue to bond

Ongoing Review of Arthur, the G1 Phone

Things I learned to do today with Arthur (for those playing the home game, that is my phone with whom my relationship is platonic yet weirdly obsessive):

a.) save webpage/pictures from the web (press finger down on screen for three seconds)
b.) switch between webpages (there a command involved? Menu something? I wrote it down). However, I really want tabs. No, I have no idea how they'd fit on that screen, but there you go.
c.) found perfect sudoku game.
d.) still bar code scanning at random. It's very relaxing to comparison shop for cookies on teh web. Really.

Weird things with phone:

a.) it gets my gmail before my web gmail does. It's the most awesome thing ever. I know when I get gmail as my phone goes off before it even shows up in regular web gmail.
b.) suddenly I am answering messages and calls in a timely manner because I no longer leave it under the bed or on airplanes on their way to Ohio.
c.) I bought a mirrored screen protector. It is kind of the most useless thing ever, as it is supposed to, IDEK, privacy on the screen? But if you are in the presence of sunlight, even in the shade, it's a mirror. Only does this in natural light.

Also, there is no adblock I can find so far, so I take my chances every time I read ED on it.


Why am I reading AIrps? Apparently, because it's there on my flist for clicking. I--couldn't even remember what they looked like? This cannot end well.
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