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NSFW warning
children of dune - leto 1
NSFW Warning:

If you are reading page 21 of spnanonymous meme, adblock first.

This is page 21: http://spnanonymous.livejournal.com/680.html?page=21#comments

This is not safe for work: http://i28.tinypic.com/2cgc95g.jpg

Enter the above into adblock or you will find you do not need coffee to wake up, and I do not mean that in a pleasant way. Though maybe if that's your thing?**

So I can keep my faith in humanity, tell me that is from a movie and not a home picture of someone or something.
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I'm not sure why that wouldn't be safe for work, its just a picture of a woman with lotion on her face

Or surprise bukkake. In a shocking turn of events, work monitoring sometimes does not differentiate between what is and what it looks like.

I think it doesn't really matter what it actually is, the intent based on where and how it's posted is pretty obvious.

... I don't want to look, but what (generally speaking) is it a picture of? Something that might be from pornfail.com?

Could be bukkake, but anonymous says it is lotion. From my view of it, it was either a.) bukkake, or b.) lotion that deeply resembled that. Which you know, same diff.

Given the title of the post ("let it all out"), I'd venture to say that it's not lotion. Unless, of course, the poster is a crusader for lotion rights, advocating the liberation of all lotion, documenting her covert lotion-liberation activities, and spamming LJ for the good of lotionkind. Which is cool beans, because I'm totally down with lotion being free to wander as nature intended.

This is extremely relevant to my interests!

That ... doesn't look like lotion.

All I can say is that the above mouse is either being sarcastic or uses a *very* odd looking lotion in her daily life.

I find myself reminded of a line from a Spider Robinson book, in which a character points out that substances like lotion and shampoo and conditioner all tend to be white and gooey because they're trying to resemble semen for that subconscious link with "potency."

It looks like it was lifted from a porn site. *blinks* Very angry people over there, hmmm? They need to, like, mellow out, dude. Klonopin for all! ;)

We could *pretend* it was conditioner.

Ew. Though I somehow expected something much grosser (and still couldn't rein in my curiosity and just had to look). What I really hate is the ones who post pictures of mutilated accident victims or injured and dying animals and such.

To be honest, I was expecting something *way* worse than bukkake (which is why I peeked at the comments BEFORE looking at the picture -- see, I do learn!). This is apparently the effect that the Internet has had on me -- my reaction to random porn is "Oh look, porn. Thank god it wasn't something unpleasant."

"Oh look, porn. Thank god it wasn't something unpleasant."

I do have that reaction when I'm reading at encyclopedia dramatica. I'ts like OH THANK GOD IT IS JUST A PENIS.

Is it really bad that I saw that and thought "Does it really count as bukkake if it was only one guy?"


*snorts* Was right there with you.

Really though, the only thing that actively bothers me about it is that it makes the bitching about Misha/Castiel hard to read. OTOH, that could be a good thing...

My first, last, and only question is...why? Why would someone do this, and why would people still be commenting on a page with this pic everywhere?

They fixed this on Dreamwidth and the patch has been migrated upstream to LJ, so you won't be able to do it here anymore soon.

(By this, I mean use a comment to trollishly wallpaper an entry, not prevent people from posting pics of bukkake. We're good, but we're not that good.)

Oh, excellent. It just got pulled again, though cheerfully, it was dancing spam.

Does this sort of anonymous venting spree (barf-up?) occur in other fandoms? Or is it just limited to SPN?

As wankfests go it looks like an implosion. I hope. Look I just like the idea of black holes.

Edited at 2009-07-14 07:59 am (UTC)

who is even posting in it? I couldn't get past pg 1, too ridiculous when I saw the bashing on really good authors. whatever.

I'm almost positive that Anonymous came in and spammed the entry with a lot of stuff. And by Anonymous, I mean someone in the vein of /b/

I hate to say I was kind of impressed that was possible in LJ--well not anymore when the new build goes up.

I'd wondered about that a little. It didn't seem an SPN fangirl thing to do.

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