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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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GIP! and stuff
children of dune - leto 1
Because I feel the need to share my unwavering, unending love and worship of Brian with all.

And I'm still not sure I'm forgiving everyone who didn't TELL me Brian makes breathing look like foreplay, 'kay? *seething*

But! Pretty!

And I so don't care that I make sucky icons. I get to look at Justin and Brian and...yes. This, people, is how I publicly get obsessed with things. I like to think I do it gracefully. Those who I've scared? Don't worry, I probably don't live ANYWHERE near you.

I suppose using some of the other interesting pics might be against the LJ TOS?

*sighs sadly*

I figured.

Tell me there is fic out there? Or is this one of those times I need to start having a breakdown?


*but not much, as Brian is on the screen*

I'm pretty sure there are more, but here's a link to one of the main archives...

*hugs* Thanks, chica. It was the first place I checked out.

And lookie here, Lj's letting comments through. How kind of it.

*looks at it mutinously*

Sadly, I gave up on the fic because most of it was so juvenile. Such teenage-girl, Harlequin shite. It was either 'and one day Brian woke up and realized that Michael really was his SOULMATE and he immediately became a better person!' or it was 'and then Brian beat the shit out of the evil Michael for making his sweetbabydumplin - aka Justin - cry and then he and Justin held hands and got married and loved each other forever and ever and adopted the cutest little girl!'
GAH! Now granted, this was fairly early on. I haven't had the stomach to look and see if anyone who can actually, y'know, write has taken on that fandom.

Wow, I've officially lost the ability to think coherently after that. I shall smash things. Big things.

Though my experiences so far haven't exactly led me to believe you're wrong either. And I don't even LIKE Michael!


Usually I have recs at the ready, but I can't help much with this. Most of the fiction I've read is godfuckingawful; I subbed to the archive lists for a while, but had a hard time finding anything good to read even with recs to follow, so I gave up. I've never been into the fandom at all, and I haven't felt the 'lack' of fiction because Brian and Justin's relationship feels complete to me onscreen. No real gaps to fill. I mean, the only story I ever posted in the fandom is a Brian/Michael trainwreck piece, so. *apologetic look*

*perks up* Readable fic? Trainwreck? Angst?

*doesn't drool, as it is uncool*

At your site?

*starts to jitter*

Withdrawal isn't pretty, chica. Must SEE.

beware, there is *a lot* of bad fic out there. i'd love to point you in the right direction, but i'm one of those freaks who totally doesn't brian/justin. i hated justin right from the very beginning - he has nothing on nathan, the original british character.

also, my well known otp issues *g*. i want brian with his best friend, but the show's really screwed that up.

*sniffles* I love Justin! He annoys me in all the right ways. Plus, he's slutty and I approve of pretty boys being slutty for me to watch. *grins*

Awww. *pets* It's a cute ship, I think. I do. Really.

See, I'm not much of a Brian girl, and the only character that bugs me more is Justin. *shruggs* There's fic, but I'm not sure how much.

Yeah, that was less than helpful... *rolls eyes*

There *is* a lot of drek out there, and a lot of sappy romantic stories. But I think you'll find great fiction and great commentary at What Love Means. It's a fanfiction fan site, with critical commentary, links to favorite authors, interviews with writers etc.


If you want more links after moving through these, let me know. I'd LOVE for you to write Brian & Justin. They are my OTP also. I share your obsession.

One of the romantic writers is a favorite. She posts at ATP, her name is Rizabeau. She's just recently posted her epic novel, Songs in the Key of Love. It's 1715KB. I've already read it twice. la la, I *am* obsessed.

Search here under Rizabeau, http://www.qaf-fic.com/atp/


Thanks hon! *hugs* I've been reading from here a little as I can.

There's fic out there but a ton of it's really bad, I had to give up after I innocently read something where they were vampires and Justin wanted to get pregnant. I can deal with MPREG in SV cause he's an alien but anywhere else... Anyway, there's this which is a huge au series written by one person and BrainandJustin.net. Those are the two main things I encountered, not including the yahoo lists but I didn't stick around for that long.


*looks for alcohol*

Thanks for the links! I'll go to look. *hugs*

I almost forgot. If you want videos, reply back and I'll email a link to Mia Jt & Lydia Beloved.

mmmm,mmmmm... Brian & Justin

J'et Adore and Ravissment... Love and Lust


Oh! Vids! I forgot. Hee. sisabet just finished a B/J vid that rocks like a rocking thing. You should cruise over and download 66. Really. Go now.

Love to the Converted

Hi Jenn,

Finally something I know all about! My obession with Brian knows no bounds. QAF is my first fandom. There are some truly talented authors writing B/J stories. The thought of Brian and Michael together makes my stomach hurt. It is just wrong - kinda like Pete and Clark. No chemistry.

My favorite authors include Morpheus, Myrna, Ethan, Sue Walsh (early B/J and sooooo good) and Rizabeau. The best fic link site is located at http://www.whatlovemeans.com It provides critical analysis and links to both recent and past fic. Many B/J fans and authors hang out at the EZBoard QAF Refugee site. Great links can also be found there. If you want links to direct stories, let me know. I have a list...

Re: Love to the Converted

Link list, please. Don't make me wade through what I had to last night. Please. Please please please.

Btw, Sue Walsh wasn't bad. Thanks for that one. It helped after the mpreg nightmare.

I just sent you an email present. It's an attachment in zip file format. It's clean, I promise! I checked it twice.

Oooohhh, pretties


DAMN. Judging by time, I'm going to say my fitlers caught it. Could you send it again, please please please? I"m turning them off on my email now!

*drooling* *a lot*

I'm not going to tell you about the Clark-Lex-Brian-Justin story I read some time in early 2002, because now I can't find it at SSA because I've forgotten the authors' names (it was a collaboration) and the title. I do remember their Author's Note read, "Gale Harold and Michael Rosenbaum are sexy bitches. That is all." Notice how I'm not telling you?

I'm also not going to tell you that there's a camp who thinks Gale Harold should play Bruce Wayne on Smallville. Because really, that wouldn't be sexy at all. Nope. Not at all.

One day I'll die, and still be regretting not seeing Gale play Bruce.


(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Brian Kinney is the sexiest thing ever.

I have read some brutal QAF fic. I haven't read QAF since I got into Smallville. I seem to remember a couple of good ones, though. I like Brian/Justin WAY more than the Brian/Michael because the Mikey stuff is way too mushy.

*mourns the end of season 3*

Michael annoys me. It's depressing. He's cute. And I want to make him be QUIET for five minutes straight so I can just look.

*pets Michael* You need a collar and leash, honey. And a muzzle. *grins*

I saw him before. Gale Harold (plays Brian). It was in the train station and the train had just come in from Toronto. I walked RIGHT past him, holding all my luggage, realized it was him, totally froze, watched him walk away ;) and then, you know IStartedShakingAndCouldBarelyHoldMyLuggage. I`m glad I didn`t talk to him. I probably would have said something like `May I have sex with you please?. It`s on my To Do List.`

Sounds remarkably like a religious experience. I, for one, would probably have dropped to the ground immediately, so you conducted yourself well. *grins*

But yes, that line would have been a good idea. *grins* Do remember it next time?

Raya, maybe he would have said "okay, here's the key to my hotel room." But, yeah I would have had the shakes too.

I haven't seen season 3 since now no Showtime but season two Brian fascinated and repelled me. Then I felt weird and guilty for still thinking he was so completely hot.

He's one of those guys you know are so so wrong for you but you fuck them anyway and they tell all their friends about it and then you hate him but damn, he's still hot. Then you have the big O with him, O being obsession and maybe their's some stalkling involved...and I'll shut up now.

He's the type of man you spend oodles of money on in therapy trying to get out of your system.

He's one of those guys you know are so so wrong for you but you fuck them anyway and they tell all their friends about it and then you hate him but damn, he's still hot. Then you have the big O with him, O being obsession and maybe their's some stalkling involved...and I'll shut up now.

*sighs dreamily* yeahh.....

He's the type of man you spend oodles of money on in therapy trying to get out of your system.

And it never works. *grins* never never never

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the links! *hugs*