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meta rec - major fannish events by thefourthvine
children of dune - leto 1
Huh. You know, I really want to do an Unpopular Fannish opinion meme, but most of it right now would be about a.) Merlin b.) Star Trek Reboot c.) Torchwood, and d.) miscellaneous. The problem isn't wanting to do one--it's that right now, I want to be offensive about it, filled with absolute statements sprinkled with the word douche in liberal measure.

Which is a problem, as like right now, I have like thirty things on my list, and only like, five of them on a normal day even break my irritation zone.

So, instead, a meta rec: Major Fannish Events by thefourthvine, which is spoilery for everything ever and awesome. This is her question.
What is the big fannish event you wish you could have seen? (Seen the live reaction to, anyway.) But even more important, to help me in my fantasizing - what are the big fannish events you'll never forget? What were they like to live through?

Spoilery. For. Everything. And so freaking awesome.

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Now I kind of want to hear your unpopular fannish opinions. ;) Mostly because of the Trek explosion and my own wildly fluctuating emotions on certain things.

Thanks for the link though.

*g* Mine aren't terribly original or unique. Maybe when I'm not in a hugely scorched-earth mood. Right now, I am so not about being fair.

I would also like to see your Unpopular Fannish Opinions - especially on (c) since I'm currently having one related to that myself. (Not that there aren't others around who share it, mind, it's just the people with opposite opinions are shouting more.)

Actually, I'd be fascinated to see the Merlin and ST XI ones as well. I guess I'm in the mood for offensive at the moment!

Wow. Reading that post and the thread makes me realize how fannishly lucky i've been in terms of timing — Star Trek 1-IV, Star Wars, Empire and Jedi, and the bonus added extra of Christopher Reeve as Superman — on screen in the theatres in real time, unspoiled. Add in being in the right place and time to have seen the premiere episode of X-Files when it first aired, and I'm feeling downright privileged to be an "old" fan!

I love unpopular opinion memes. Probably because pretty much all my opinions are unpopular. Well, outside of the one where I think John, Teyla and Ronon are too hot to be entirely human. But that's not so much opinion as objective fact.

Awesome link! Also, because I just found this out and feel the need to share with a Due South fan (so I guess it counts as fannish?) Paul Gross is back on American TV in the fall. As a devil. He's going to be in the re-do of The Witches of Eastwick on ABC as the Jack Nicholson character!

But even more important, to help me in my fantasizing - what are the big fannish events you'll never forget? What were they like to live through?

Welll, it's not technically in relation to fanfiction, but I did end up inadvertently being the reason David Boreanaz started calling Christian Kane "my bitch" in front of the assembled panel attendees at Flashback Weekend 2004. That was pretty fun.

Ahahaha that's awesome. Speaking of, just went and saw Kane play at a local club the other night--they aren't bad!

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