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well, that was irritating
children of dune - leto 1
Right. Small rant.


You know, I have tried to figure out how to frame this without coming off as entitled, then I stopped.

So thanks to wank-report and a surprising number of uncut entries, I knew the plot before five finished airing. I--have never ever had feelings on mood spoilers. I'm kind of revising that opinion en toto. Because the thing is? OMG IANTO! followed by THIS IS HORRIBLE above a cut tag is a goddamn spoiler. You are not being subtle or non-spoilery. There was enough on my flist uncut alone that I knew or could guess all the major plot points before five finished airing no matter how many vague words were used, which I suspect was the point. I'm not even sure half of what I saw could classify as a mood spoiler, and it's not like I don't know how to avoid spoilers--this was my flist and at least two places where someone leaped and screamed without a spoiler warning at all in an unrelated post.

I am not crying into my Dr. Pepper or anything about my fannish experience being ruined, but seriously. Your journal, your rules. That doesn't make it any less frustrating, tbh, and a little disappointing. This isn't a show I can watch in real time to keep up, so it's not like I'm asking for a year and a day to get around to it at my leisure. I'm watching as quickly as I can during a workweek where I depend on downloads that occur after ten o'clock at night and varying download speeds.

I get this was a huge sacred cow of sacredness being shot and fandom got hit unexpectedly by that. Fine. Everyone is entitled to not-cut anything they want. I am entitled to be unhappy that I can tell you the entire plotline by uncut mood spoilers.

You can ignore this. This is possibly why I made sure I got the Harry Potter books the day they were released.
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I cannot believe I had to rant about mood spoilers. I totally am feeling snowflakey today, srsly.

*hugs* Also, you cut regularly. Thank you.

I have been extremely irritated by that as well, and I simply agree with you.

I felt so bratty on Thursday when I started seriously hating people for lacking simple courtesy.

Agreed. Between that, and people who are SO incredibly mouthy on twitter, totally pretty much spoiled it for me, even before I could get the thing downloaded, which... considering I'd been avidly avoiding spoilers for months about the whole season? Meh.

Still, pretty sure a cut is appropriate anytime you're using capslock. :)

I am so glad I stayed off Twitter.

Yeah, and me too. I had just the trailers. I avoided the interviews, FFS.

I was lucky enough that my week allowed me to watch the episodes in such a way that I didn't get spoiled. That said, I was still offended by some of what I read above the cut.

It's been getting worse for a while now, I'm pretty sure I know what happened on Heroes too.

edit: that's not to say someone died or didn't die (that I don't know, though really, HEROES.) Just meant plot in general.

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*nods* I haven't watched more than the first season of Torchwood yet and I could tell you what happened this week solely from reading the outside of posts that have cut tags for spoilers in them.

One of the worst was somebody saying they weren't going to say what happened because they don't want to spoil anybody and then proceeding to compare what Russel T Davies did on show this week to what Joss Whedon does on his shows. It was like someone had turned on a neon sign saying exactly what happens.

Edited at 2009-07-11 07:02 pm (UTC)

compare what Russel T Davies did on show this week to what Joss Whedon does on his shows.

Oh dear, that is pretty damn special.

I'm with you on this. There were spoilers all over my flist, and I'm not used to seeing that. Usually people on my flist are more circumspect. It was disappointing.

*nods* It was. I've never had that problem on my flist before.

I don't even watch Torchwood, and I couldn't agree with you more. I'm also not one to bitch about mood spoilers, but when your "mood" and things you leave outside of a cut make it obvious what happened in an episode of a show/in a book/whatever, you're doing it wrong.

That is like, the defining sentence for this. I mean, srsly.

(Deleted comment)
No, yours wasn't. Trust me, the ones that were "mood spoilers" that I saw were--well. Way different.

This total and complete spoiler fail w/ torchood pissed me off to no end. Not posting spoilers isn't a silly coy fucking game where you follow the letter and not teh spirit. IT's about not telegraphing or hinting the fucking outcome of a show. Period. If you grok that concept, the mood shit is obvious. If not... yeah.

IMHO, if you have to ask yourself "is X a spoiler?" or if you say "Oh, but X isn't really a spoiler," chances are the answer is "Yes," and "You're wrong."

What some inconsiderate douchebags don't GET or don't care to get is that cutting for spoilers isn't about their special snowflake definition of what isn't a spoiler, it's about giving people the OPTION to spoil or not.


This, this, this. This times ten.

I was watching as it aired, and I stopped reading *anything* after I clicked on two posts that both warned for spoilers for day three, and then talked, in vague terms, about what happened in days four and five. (Apparently some big vendor in the UK sent the DVDs out early). I didn't feel I could complain because they were vague, but still I could pretty much guess what was going to happen. I was quite disappointed, because I'd managed to remain completely unspoiled til then.

*shudders* That must have sucked.

Also, "Your journal, your rules." is something I somewhat agree with, but also, if "your rules" mean your definition of spoilers SUCKS, I'm going to have to decide to defriend, possibly, because if you do it something that, technically, I didn't care whether I was spoiled about, chances are, I can't trust you when it comes to shit I do care about, and I never know when any one flister will drift into a new fandom like that.

OH AND ANOTHER THING, you know what? No. I don't 100% agree with "your journal your rules". I can't tell anyone how to act in their journal (though I can bitch about their behavior), but what you post outside a cut is NOT 100% your space. It's partially your space, partially PUBLIC. Kind of like the front porch of your house.

If you feel like having sex on the front porch of your house, and I'm like O_o, could you please do that somewhere I can't see it, kthxbye, and you're like "screw you, this is my property, I'll do what I damn well please here" ... you're wrong. Technically you're right, but no. You're doing it in public view, where people can't avoid seeing it, so it's in part public space. And that goes for spoiler cuts (er, in front of windows w/ open curtains, perhaps?) and mood spoilers.

I'm on the spoiler cutting nazi side of the fence, usually, and as much as the TWspoiler!fail was unfortunate, part of me is a little glad that (according to a lot of reactions like yours and elsewhere) some people who never really understood "mood spoilers" before get it now and will be more considerate going forward.

I don't think that mood spoilers are a forever and ever thing, but dude, I saw some of those posts immediately after airing... at the VERY least, give a 24 hour (I personally prefer 1 week) head start to those of us who care, so we can track down/obtain/watch our Tivo unspoiled.)

ETA: "it's not like I don't know how to avoid spoilers"

You can know how to avoid spoilers all you want, but if douchebags put spoilers uncut or in the cut (or coy ass "hints" which, I'm sorry, your hint plus his hint plus me having a fucking brain = spoiler), the option to avoid spoilers is STOLEN from you. And you CAN'T UNSPOIL YOURSELF. You can always choose to spoil, choose to click through and seek out, but you can't unknow. It's uneven, and it's unfair, and it's not like any of us spoiler nazis begrudge spoiler fans getting spoilers or discussing WHATEVER THEY WANT at all. FOR A SECOND.

We just want the option to not click through, and that includes not having Subtle Hints and emotional reactions thrust down our throats uncut.

Edited at 2009-07-11 07:11 pm (UTC)

You kind of are saying everything I wish I could have.

Grr! As far as I'm concerned there shouldn't be a single, solitary word about an episode (particularly one that hasn't even aired in the US yet) above a well-marked cut-tag, including the journal mood. People should be allowed to be as little or as much spoiled as they'd like. I know for certain shows I don't even want to see a "WTF" or an "OMG."

(particularly one that hasn't even aired in the US yet)

Uhm, actually, how about especially those that have only aired in the US? I mean, personally I really don't care, but I have to get all my shows the download way and most of those shows are released in the US first. It just sounds a bit US-centric.

Man, just being on Twitter after ep 4 pretty much made sure you were spoiled. Twitter. It boggles the mind.

Yeah, I knew Ianto died and I haven't even watched the damn thing, thanks to a comment thread of a (political, non-fandom!!!) community post.

I fell on top of another one in an unrelated post somewhere in journalfen. It was surreal.

...political? *dies*

As someone who did exactly what you're describing, well, yeah. Mea culpa. [hangs head] I'm really sorry, honey. You're right, mood spoilers are still spoilers, and when I wrote my "omg!" post, I didn't think it through enough.

Babe, you were like, days after some of them.