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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is not what anyone sane calls encouraging
children of dune - leto 1
Part A

Happiness is....

1.) winning my first ebay auction (this may lead down a dark path)
2.) using the ebay barcode scan function to randomly scan things and see what comes up
3.) downloading two more Android programs that also scan things.
4.) randomly scanning everything with a barcode and cackling enigmatically as others look on in worry.

Y'know. As one does.

This is one of those moments I acknowledge a worrying realization about the kind of person I am, but I just found a box with a bar code I haven't tried yet, so whatever.

Part B

I'm in a mood. No, not that kind of mood, but that kind where I am moody and (possibly?) premenstrual and want to write horrible, terrifying, sappy fic. I mean, I want to write things where people make speeches about their love and then there's lovemaking (holy God, I am using that word) on beds of flowers in some sort of meadow in an impossible spring and there are no bugs or poison ivy. Possibly birds will be singing in the background. Also, no one dies. There's a possibility someone will cry. Yeah.

...it's just worrying, all right? Maybe it will go away?

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It will only go away if you write it. Every sappy, schmoopy bit. And then post it.

From time to time, I design barcoded items at work. So I also have to be able to scan them to make sure my code is working. And I still go around randomly scanning things to see if they what they say. (I finally stopped having a scanner at my desk, so now when I want to test a label out I have to wander to my coworkers and ask them if ||||||| | | ||| || |||| says what I think it does. And then I seduce them into wondering if they can scan a pdf barcode on their computer screen. The barcode addiction, it is strong.)

Barcode scanners are addictive, I used one to enter my entire library into LibraryThing (at least, as much as would fit in a free account), fascinated by the results Amazon found for it. It once showed up a completely different book with the same title, even though I was searching on ISBN.

Well, maybe if you make them drugged or drunk or otherwise not quite in control - perhaps some sort of truth serum that would make John blurt things but also be horribly endearingly embarrassed that he was blurting...and Rodney making awkward, heartfelt confessions about his fantasies about John's hair and how it might feel and John's lips and his stupid, stubborn courage and inability to leave people behind and that's what was driving Rodney during "Common Ground" and then John's all pissy with him and he was crushed, crushed, because John was alive and beautiful right there in front of him and by god, it's time to have it out. Preferably by yelling at John while sucking on this tongue.

There might be crying, but it might be crying with laughter.

::gives you the big eyes of "you could totally do this"::

write it! write it! Every sappy, sugary moment!

re: Part B
Oh, god, yes. Make Arthur be hit with a spell that has Shakespeare-like effects. Except everyone can totally hear his soliloquies and think that he's become completely unhinged. Arthur is utterly appalled with himself.

Merlin is appalled too. He is. Only, he sort of likes the sonnets and the talking about feelings and, shut up shut up, the lovemaking wouldn't go amiss either.


also, i have an ethical objection against using the term "winning" to describe a scenario where you are the person who paid the highest amount of money.

You have a barcode scanner? How? Why? (I want one of course. It's a gadget. Must have gadgets.)

Re: Part B. Now I'm picturing McKay infected by the spores from that one ST:TOS ep that made everyone love-crazy and silly. And he's all quoting odes that everyone is shocked he's ever read, much less remembers, and draping himself all over Sheppard and waggling his eyebrows in a comically lecherous way.

I dunno, but I could happily read love-related speechifying and idealistically pastoral nookie right now. Or maybe I just need more chocolate...

You've been online for how many years now and you're only just starting to check out eBay? Ye gods, woman!

I really never cared for bidding, tbh.

Truth, it can be a bit annoying when you get into a bidding war over something, and it's so hard to judge in the heat of the moment whether you'll regret overpaying for a win more than you'll regret letting it go when you could have had it for just a few bucks more.

OTOH, it's pretty much where you go to find Things You Never Knew Existed, Things No Longer Being Made, and Things Hard to Find in the US. It's like a vast online garage/estate sale that includes foreign countries.

I am all for sappy, romantic with Declarations of Love. :D!

Mmmm, any chance you would channel part B into Panama???? Please? And as to part A, you can do Buy It Now auctions where you don't have to bid and still get a good deal. ::pets ebay:::

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