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flist, please to be helping me

Okay, so, it is harder to find someone who will do bronze jewelry repair than one might think. Does anyone have any suggestions? The clasp thing is broken and needs to be replaced.

Picture below the cut, in case you need a visual.

Bracelet Bracelet
Bronze bracelet

Bracelet Broken Clasp
The clasp part is at the top and was a bent piece of metal. It snapped off at the bend

Apparently, the magic word is 'vintage bronze' - the second I say that, everyone starts sounding wary. Currently bidding on the necklace, as there are three on ebay. And a really hideous ring that matches. I'm weirded out though that I can't find another bracelet like this though.

Added picture of clasp. Yes, I should have added a pic of the clasp. I blame the universe.
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