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flist, please to be helping me
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so, it is harder to find someone who will do bronze jewelry repair than one might think. Does anyone have any suggestions? The clasp thing is broken and needs to be replaced.

Picture below the cut, in case you need a visual.

Bracelet Bracelet
Bronze bracelet

Bracelet Broken Clasp
The clasp part is at the top and was a bent piece of metal. It snapped off at the bend

Apparently, the magic word is 'vintage bronze' - the second I say that, everyone starts sounding wary. Currently bidding on the necklace, as there are three on ebay. And a really hideous ring that matches. I'm weirded out though that I can't find another bracelet like this though.

Added picture of clasp. Yes, I should have added a pic of the clasp. I blame the universe.

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Sweets, could you take a picture of the broken bit?

...Ishould have done that originally. Added!

It depends on what the clasp looks like and how it's attached. Anything that requires soldering could be way dicier than things that are basically wirework.

Hmm. Yeah, it might. It was a bent piece of metal that snapped.

Maybe check out people who do stuff like renfests, LARPing, etc? If they did jewelry for that, they might fool around with bronze.

You might ask plumsuede. She makes jewelry and her clasps are bronze.

Cheapest, fastest path is probably to take the old clasp off if you can, go to Michaels, and put a new one on. Keep the old one around in case you can find an appropriate craftsperson to fix it.

Sockii (Nicole, who used to run the Master-Apprentice archive and is now a jeweler) might be able to fix it. She's one incredible jeweler. Lemme see if I can find a card or something... I think she's in Philly... Spacial Anomalies? Something like that...

Yeah, here it is. Try Nicole at info@nicolepellegrini.com (though it appears she might be out of the jewelery biz and more into painting), or you might try Lori, who does commission work too and is FABulous. She made my prayer beads. She's at Lori at Hawksong dot com. I'd try Lori first.

I believe that cissa creates custom jewelry, and she teaches jewelry making, too. She may not do repair work, but she might well know someone who does.

It's a lovely bracelet.

I wonder if there's a difference between vintage bronze and jewelers bronze? I have a late 1970's ring made of jeweler's bronze, I don't wear it anymore and I'll send it to you (free) if you need the material for the repair. The ring is fashioned from wire, but I don't remember the gauge.

I have access to a torch and solder. I can probably fix it for you. You know how to get hold of me. :-)

Way out of my league... That definitely would need soldier work at the very least. Looks like the clasp needs replaced (not repaired) too, and that is probably why you're having problems finding someone to take the project. A tiny mistake and it could be toast. :(

Okay, squinting at the picture it looks like a box clasp type.

I can't tell if bent piece of metal bit is directly attached to one of the links or if it is separate (all on its own and linked to the rest of the bracelet).

If it is separate you might have more options such as swapping it for a part that isn't broken as it can't be seen when the bracelet is in use.

ETA: If you have bead shops/jewelery supply places anywhere near where you live walk on in and ask. You may be able to find an alternate piece for a clasp. They may also be able to tell you where to find your elusive bronze specialist.

Edited at 2009-07-03 10:51 am (UTC)

I have no suggestions, but that is a very beautiful bracelet - I hope you'll manage to get it fixed!

Ask czarina69. The downside is she's here in Dallas.

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