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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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all this really lacks is a sleeping puppy and a kitten perched on someone's head
children of dune - leto 1
So to zen myself out, I utilized my phone for evil, and by that, I mean, adorable.

In Repose
In Repose
From left to right: Sister Two, Nephew One, Niece Two, ages 25, eleven months, and sixteen months.


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(Deleted comment)
Luke is an aesome dog and would love a cat--but he totally does not get that small things aren't really awesome toys. It's hysterical, so we're holding off on the cat for now. Though man do I want one. At least for photo ops.

Young children are like puppies in a pile so boneless and relaxed. Once you grow up all that tension sort of never leaves you even in sleep..but as children it's so easy to just zonk out and sleep like little angels. *g*

Oh my God they do. Niece Two and Nephew sleep like they have no bones at all. It's precious.

(Deleted comment)
They made me smile so hard.

Awwwww! Me = DED from cute!

Srsly, I was trying to control my dawwing long enough to take the picture.

Oh, that's just beautiful.

I like them all like this best. *nods firmly* As when some of them are awake, they just discovered headbutting is hilarious.

*snif* I remember when the Niece and Nephew were that age...so adorable!

(Aside: when do you need comments?)

As soon as possible? Whenever you finish.

Also, thanks!

But for their clothing, they could be a Botticelli painting. So lovely.

That's exactly it! Thank you. I couldn't come up with the name of the artist this invoked, but you are so right.

Awwww....this is why photoshop exists. Just stick some sleeping kitties and puppies in there and watch everyone's ovaries explode from the cuteness :D

Awwww! *cutiecutiecutie*

Wow, painting in the making there - with wings on the sleeping babes and a dress and halo for the sister.

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