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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in which i fall madly in love...
children of dune - leto 1

But this time! It's forever.

Or until someone even less moral comes along. Brian, you mildly sociopathic asshole you. Jesus.

I pride myself on the fact that I am the last to know anything at all. It's something of a--thing. I suppose. But no one TOLD me! Okay, they did, but the thing is? Y'all, I don't listen. It's sad but true. I just don't. You have to translate it into jenn-speech. Human language is somehow beyond me.

No one mentioned, I point out, that Brian is pretty and sadistic and amoral AND wears pretty clothes and looks like he's having sex ALL THE DAMN TIME. Even when he's not doing anything at all.

Also, I'm predictable, oddly enough. Who knew?


Jenn: Okay, love this show.
Bethy: ?
Jenn QaF
Bethy: ahh
Bethy: 1st season?
Jenn: Yep.
Jenn: Want Brian.
Bethy: of course
Jenn: So hot. Cruel. Somewhat sadistic.
Bethy: yup
Jenn: And God, self-centered as hell.
Bethy: indeedy
Jenn: Ass.
Jenn: Such a fucking ass.
Bethy: big time
Jenn: I love him.
Jenn: You saw this coming, right?
MysteryBethy: like a train head on

I should just ask her to marry me and get it over with. She can even pick the china patterns.

Blitzing through the first eps. One tape down, one tape to go. Ask me how much I slept last night. Then ask me how much I'm going to sleep tonight. THEN ask me if I can function in a normal world again.

It's like a spiritual experience, but with everyone having random orgasms all the time.

Love gem225. Love you, love you, LOVE YOU.


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(Deleted comment)
I was obsessed by the end of the first ep. God, that hair, that casual sexuality that--

*in lust*

Tell me there's a viable fandom out there. I'm almost done with season one! Makes me wish to cry, as there are ONLY A FEW DAMN SEASONS!


Ah, Brian. Heh. I am not surprised. Maybe I can justify my love of the character by saying he is my id, super-id-whatever- having the fun I would like to have?

*grins* We need to justify? I'm thinking a shrine would be in order.


The man is just such a complete asshole! But I love him - oh the masochist in me . . .

(Deleted comment)
*nodding mindlessly*

Brian gooooooood.

I thought everyone that had any affinity for Lex would know about the Master that is Mr. Kinney. I don't know how far along you are in Season 1 but believe me, he gets better and better. I just love me some twisted men. He and Justin provide me the visuals for Clark and Lex. BTW, finally got an LJ just so I could stop being the anonymous one.

Yay! Welcome to active LJness!

And man. Brian. Who is like. Everything. Evil in the world. want him want him WANT HIM.

Or just a few straight hours of footage of him and Justin. Whoa.

IDon't think your alone there, darlin'. The first time I watched ep. 1 and saw Brian "do" Justin I about went out of my little bitty mind !! Brian is the nastiest, hottest boy on television, no doubt.

He's like what I imagin Lex was like before he saw Clark.

*chuckle, chuckle* Vee

Oh dear GOD. Yes. Him and Justin. Hell, him and floors, apparetnly.

And man, does he spend a lot of time having sex. Which I think is of the good. The very, very good.

*blush* I'm so happy that these tapes are giving you so much pleasure, and I hope that you get the other three really soon (I mailed them, so you should!). I like being loved. :-)))

oh honey, you just...gah. They are marvelous. You are marvelous to SEND them!

*dozens of hugs* So. Damn. GOOD.

And the plotline's good, too. *g*

Aaaaaaaaand another one bites the dust. Heh heh heh. It's about time; I've had no one to talk about this show with at all for two years, and now it seems like everyone is falling for it! *g*

Oh chica, I feel as if I have missed something Really Damn Special.

My God, that SHOW...

I'm infatuated. Just want...guh. I have no syllables left.


Um... would they carry QaF at Blockbuster? *crosses fingers*

Yep, that's where I rented mine :)



*pushes* Go watch! GO WATCH RIGHT NOW.

*hangs head* I think I rented it FOUR TIMES, before I broke down and bought 1st season on DVD. I'm saving up for 2nd season, which I've not seen (have no Showtime). I'm completely spoiled, and lovin' it.


Hurray for slash we don't have to write for ourselves!

*giggles a lot at your post* Yea, Brian really grew on me, tho I've only seen part of the first season. He does indeed make pretty much anything look like sex. Maybe MR could guest star on QAF? *brain explodes*

Have you seen the UK (original) version? If not, I think it's my moral duty to dub you tapes. Email me your address and I will see about getting you tapes in the mail. I mean, if you're interested of course. ;)

*MR on QAF*

That would be--a terrifying amount of sexy in one place.

Have you seen the UK (original) version? If not, I think it's my moral duty to dub you tapes. Email me your address and I will see about getting you tapes in the mail. I mean, if you're interested of course. ;)



Will email tonight. Oh WOW. You have tapes of that???????

I may never recover from this.

I have a link to a site that has *all* the Brian and Justin Season 3 interaction in Windows Media format. I also know where to find the same for Season 2. Anyone interested? I'll email the links, but don't want to post them in public. One of the sites has had a bandwidth problem recently, and I wouldn't want them inundated.



Hang on to your panties - he just gets sexier. Angst!Brian is beautiful like a beautiful thing. And Pissedoff!Brian, and Doingtherightthing!Brian and... oh hell. He's just sex walking. And Justin, what an adorable little twink - actually turns out to have a backbone. And guh! are they sexy together... Yum. May have to break out the DVD's again.

Angst!Brian! *breathless* Wet!Brian! Pissedoff!Brian! And--

The sheer variety here is endless.

There are no bad Brians. Wow. Am. So. Obsessed.

Oh, yessss. Brian. A sexy asshole with a style of his own. Gotta love/lust that. He is just so deliciously twisted.


Yep, he's The Sexy. And season two...*g*. You know it's good when you can't stand what/who a character has become and yet you *still* love the bastard. I've missed S3 because I'm without Shotime, but I hear it was really good... and there's a crossover fic out there with the 4 boys which is fantastic and hot and good to read.

::runs off to find it::

Here you go: Small As Folk I & II at SSA; Minnie and Mala had some fun.

~~Margeaux May

Wow. Yes, Brian's super sexy. I love Justin too. I just started watching 2 weeks ago, renting 2 DVDs at a time. I finished season 1 this week and found out that no Blockbusters in my area have season 2 yet! I'm dying here. Showtime's website has a screencaps and videos from each episode to tide me over though. http://www.sho.com I'm also a little upset that no one around LJ pushed me to watch this.

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