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in which i fall madly in love...


But this time! It's forever.

Or until someone even less moral comes along. Brian, you mildly sociopathic asshole you. Jesus.

I pride myself on the fact that I am the last to know anything at all. It's something of a--thing. I suppose. But no one TOLD me! Okay, they did, but the thing is? Y'all, I don't listen. It's sad but true. I just don't. You have to translate it into jenn-speech. Human language is somehow beyond me.

No one mentioned, I point out, that Brian is pretty and sadistic and amoral AND wears pretty clothes and looks like he's having sex ALL THE DAMN TIME. Even when he's not doing anything at all.

Also, I'm predictable, oddly enough. Who knew?


Jenn: Okay, love this show.
Bethy: ?
Jenn QaF
Bethy: ahh
Bethy: 1st season?
Jenn: Yep.
Jenn: Want Brian.
Bethy: of course
Jenn: So hot. Cruel. Somewhat sadistic.
Bethy: yup
Jenn: And God, self-centered as hell.
Bethy: indeedy
Jenn: Ass.
Jenn: Such a fucking ass.
Bethy: big time
Jenn: I love him.
Jenn: You saw this coming, right?
MysteryBethy: like a train head on

I should just ask her to marry me and get it over with. She can even pick the china patterns.

Blitzing through the first eps. One tape down, one tape to go. Ask me how much I slept last night. Then ask me how much I'm going to sleep tonight. THEN ask me if I can function in a normal world again.

It's like a spiritual experience, but with everyone having random orgasms all the time.

Love gem225. Love you, love you, LOVE YOU.

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