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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i could use more sleep
children of dune - leto 1
It's not that I hate my job because it is currently repetitive and boring, though that would be enough--I hate it because it is taking important fic reading and journaling time.

Also, transtempts, amireal, and I are apparently engaged in competitive writing? I don't know. We spend a lot of time posting to each other's AIM window and wondering vaguely if our fics will ever end (the answer is no). It's--well, very us, I suppose.

I'm also still gazing at the reboot fic I posted last week in a state of shock. Good shock! But still.

I also found a puppy I want to adopt, which is random, but there was this--have you ever been say, looking at pictures of dogs at an animal shelter and then stopped and realized that is yoru dog? Well, my dad's dog--part of my motive was that his dog Luke needs companionship, I think, and I've been casually reading up on what dogs work well with German shepherds and I was looking at older, quiet dogs that wouldn't mind being Luke's dom, because God knows he wants someone canine to tell him what to do, and then there are these--I don't even think they are objectively cute, but there you go. I had the page open pretty much all day to go look at them; every time I closed it, I'd go back and open it again. I'm still debating. As in, I want so much, but she is, in fact, a puppy, though already spayed, and that will mean I need to enroll in puppy classes with her. I know myself. I will need a classroom. Puppies are cute. I roll over for them and that will do none of us any good.

There are so many practical considerations, but I'm weirded out how very badly I want this dog. And I am not actually a dog person. Or really--wanting to go through pet ownership again.

I don't know.

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(Deleted comment)
*sips slowly* Mine is only 3k at the moment, but you know how you just KNOW because you haven't even gotten past your establishing plot points and you know where you want to end up but getting it there is gonna take four months and 12 bottles of the good stuff?


Also, it is not my first time around the block with fic that randomly ends up 20k+. YOU LEARN THE SIGNS EARLY SO YOU CAN START DRINKING IT INTO REPRESSION.

(Deleted comment)
Young padawan, the only way to catch up now is Tequila.

You learn fast under these conditions. Also, don't write pron with the tequila in your other hand. Trust me. It's all-- free floating eyeballs and jazz hands and it just goes to BAD PLACES.

Tonight I write awesomely boring passages about public transportation and clumsy men with knives! WOO!

I suspect it will be 15k before all of my main characters meet up. *weeps*

(Deleted comment)
Oh god, *consoles you*, fix that soon. Or your sickness will spread.

Some day, they'll find Bobby, and that's gonna be at least 5k of "What? Wait? *holy water splash* No, really? What? *silver knife!*"

Also, in there somewhere, you know, the apocalypse. I should mention that. They are busy though!

*eyes internal outline* *criez some more*

(Deleted comment)
I have one line reminders at the end of the written pages. They often equal long excruciating details about MOTELS. And now I have to googlemap routes to South Dakota. And Bus routes. And then there's the SPN wiki. I AM AFRAID OF THE WIKI.

*compares scars*

Later, there's a scene in WalMart.

(Deleted comment)
A haunted WalMart.

Also, you know, Celestial politics, blah blah blah, revolution, etc, blasphemy, reinterpretation of revelations and stuff.

And special guest star Lucifer. (I think, I'm afraid to think that far ahead.)

Happy fun times!

(Deleted comment)
Often I mutter "It wasn't in the notes!" and then a tiny evil voice laughs at me from the ether.

I've already had to talk myself down from COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY AND PLOT CHANGING PORN. Because dude, that was not the story I was wanting to tell. Also, it was kind of ew.

I wonder if I can take bets on the word count mark I'll hit before there will be cow eyes made?

(Deleted comment)
Yes, its friends are loud and obnoxious too. "One little plot point won't hurt anyone!"

...7800 words later you wake up from a drugged haze and wonder what the hell happened?

I know there's going to be a hug! Maybe two! According to slash rule #24, they're basically fucking! (Even if one of those hugs is between brothers. Er. Damnit.)

(Deleted comment)
The other half of my ship has only been mentioned once. In passing. In sarcastic passing.

Oh fic, why you gotta hate so hard?

This time I woke up missing my bra. *suspicious*

At some point in the next few scenes, they will probably mention him again! And maybe his friend! I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS!

(Deleted comment)
...oh my god I just committed a manly choked up brotherly hug. Kill me.

*peers outside* I think I have bigfoot.

NEXT, THEY SIT ON A BUS FOR SEVERAL HOURS. WOO. (I adore that we are both writing about variations on James, yet in two completely different universes.)

(Deleted comment)
My cat keeps trying to interrupt me with pettings time. I feel he knows the end is nigh. Also, mundane shower, 12:00!



You should totally go for the puppy. *enables*

When I saw my puppy Buster on the Humane Society website, I thought, "That's the one." He was so cute, I was sure that I didn't have a chance before someone else snagged him. I'm normally such a procrastinator, but I turned in an application the next day. Two day later he was with us.

It took about 2-3 weeks before I stopped thinking that I had made a HUGE mistake. What a little poop machine!

I can't imagine life without him now. But puppies can be so much work and pretty darn expensive.

I would just like to state that I find you icon hysterically appropriate for this entire post.

Also, puppies!

have you ever been say, looking at pictures of dogs at an animal shelter and then stopped and realized that is your dog?

Yep. :)

Well -- not quite.

But 3 years, 8 months and 6 days ago Jojo and I went out to get food and evaluate a rescue Belgian sheepdog for BSD rescue -- and came home with food and a retriever.

Halifax utterly rocks, and can't imagine life without him now.

Also -- -CERTAINLY- it's sensible to get a companion dog, particularly if Luke's used to being part of a pack. When we lost Jo a month a go, Halifax went from room to room to room, front of house to back and back to front, looking for her.

We came home with Eleanor about 3 days later. She's been with us a month today!!

Yay puppies! And competitive writing. :-)

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