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annnd a new router

In the middle of editing a fic my brand new D-Link router died. I have words, but none of them are appropriate.

Anyway, have changed to a Netgear N blah blah blah dualband, so seeing how that works out for me. So far, I am not complaining--except I had no complaints on the D-Link until it's utter betrayal. However, I did get to go to Frye's, stare at a 1.5 T network storage drive and extra access points, and dream.

Also, they have some ridiculously cheap desktops. No, I did not buy one. Luckily, I only brought my credit card with me.

I have like a graveyard of routers. I mean, my D-Link was fine! Just would not connect to the internet for love or money.

(Currently looking for a new desktop for my mom, since my son needs a desktop, and I'm giving him hers and getting her a better one. I feel like I'm in a constant state of updating technology around me.)
Tags: my relationship with electronics
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