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annnd a new router
children of dune - leto 1
In the middle of editing a fic my brand new D-Link router died. I have words, but none of them are appropriate.

Anyway, have changed to a Netgear N blah blah blah dualband, so seeing how that works out for me. So far, I am not complaining--except I had no complaints on the D-Link until it's utter betrayal. However, I did get to go to Frye's, stare at a 1.5 T network storage drive and extra access points, and dream.

Also, they have some ridiculously cheap desktops. No, I did not buy one. Luckily, I only brought my credit card with me.

I have like a graveyard of routers. I mean, my D-Link was fine! Just would not connect to the internet for love or money.

(Currently looking for a new desktop for my mom, since my son needs a desktop, and I'm giving him hers and getting her a better one. I feel like I'm in a constant state of updating technology around me.)

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Wait. Are you talking about the Netgear Rangemax Dual-band N one? Model number WNDR3300? Slick case, big blue disco ball light button on the side for WPS?

Because if so...you should maybe read my recent entries on just that router and the bullshit it put me and my household through.

Yes? Well, now I just did. What problem did you have? Mine went fairly quickly through installation.

I should explain: essentially, there is a problem with the router which netgear is aware of and is simply ignoring despite widespread complaint and report of the issue since November. Initially it starts off with nice stable connection and wireless network and all, but shortly after it starts to rapidly degrade with CONSTANT disconnects and no way to resolve this issue. In our case, it eventually completely lost wireless networking altogether, which was a major headache and a half.

Huh. That's not good. Hmm. Netgear is usually my favorite.

We liked netgear fairly well too, and the installation was a breeze and whatnot... It merely betrayed us after the fact. It seems many people who liked it a lot have declared "never again" after experiences with this one, if user reviews and the forum on netgear's own site for this issue is any indication.

You never know, you might go without any issue in your case. But forewarned, forearmed?

I rather get the impression, based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence from friends, that working just fine right up until the point when they suddenly, inexplicably don't is more or less the standard life trajectory for routers.

I had a Netgear last a grand total of... 20 minutes. It was hilarious. I called tech support and they were all, "Oh, hey, congratulations! Yes, you need a new one. Take it back to the store."

I did and the replacement has been running without a hitch for a year and half now or so. I did opt in for the next step up and it was a lot easier to connect.

I used to work technical support for an internet provider. Routers, as a general rule, were fucking NOTORIOUS for going out for no reason what-so-ever. A common call for me ended thusly:

"Nothing we can do. Its your router - call your router OEM. Have a wonderful day!"

Which, granted, made me kind of a bitch. But you can only handle so much of 'My Netgear is blinking at me'.

So really. I feel your pain.

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