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update on sponsor reactions to transphobia

Update to the Rob, Arnie, and Dawn transphobic comments:

Update on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show! at Unfunny Business with more sponsor removals.

I'm steading telesilla's list of known sponsor pullouts from here, where she's also posted about the subject (thanks for the list!):

# Chipotle
# Snapple*
# Sonic
# Bank of America
# Verizon
# Carl’s Jr (CKE Restaurants)
# Wells Fargo
# Nissan North America
# AT&T
# McDonald’s

* Snapple also includes Dr. Pepper I understand? Correct me if I'm wrong; I've seen it written as Snappe and Snapple/Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper/Snapple

ETA: A complete list of Snapple/Dr. Pepper products can be found in comments here, contributed by pacalissanctum.

So last night my family bought Sonic for all of us and I have several cases of Dr. Pepper, which hell, drop in the bucket, yes, but they're my drops to give. So far, everyone's drops are doing a pretty good job of creating an ocean.

My son's twelve. I have a goal that by the time he is twenty, if he hears this kind of filth in casual conversation, he and all his friends will react with the same horror that someone saying "I am a serial killer and eat kidneys" would engender. I set the milestones of society by my son's life. I think all of us with kids, or have a relationship with a kid, look at our kids sometimes and think, "Yeah, no. We have to get this shit gone already. This isn't working."

There's so much as an adult that becomes invisible, or so used to hearing that we barely notice. I barely notice sometimes but as more background that I have to tune out. My kid, my nieces that will one day have to live around these people, my baby nephew--I don't want this for them, I don't want them to have to tune this out.

It's not that I think we can really get rid of all the problems with society with the power of our displeasure with it, but fuck it, it's not like I don't have some free time and a sense of horrified nausea, so why not?
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