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no comment. i mean, what can you say?
children of dune - leto 1
Update to my post about that Sacramento radio show that encouraged beating of transgender children:

Bank of America is fourth advertiser to pull out, a list that includes Chipotle, Dr. Pepper, and Sonic.

Found on Unfunny Business at Journalfen - everything you need to know to keep up and make contact and be a drop of water in the bucket. An awesome bucket of social justice and non-stupidity.

Adding: so I googled the news on this one, in that way I hope for chocolate falling from the sky, I really wanted to see them fired.

Well, I didn't find that. From 98Rocked:
"You guys imply that all you have to do is...whack my non-existant child with a shoe if he goes clopping around the house in high heels," commented a listener who identified herself as a male-to-female transgender who previously had served in the US armed forces for 22 years. "Don't you think that all the abuse that I took in school would have changed that basic nature in me?"

"Thank you for your service, but let me just say this right now," quipped an angered States. "You fought (in the armed forces) for nothing! With the opinions that you have right there, you fought for absolutely nothing!"

I'm so glad Arnie States clarified that for us. Also, he just baited a 22 year military veteran.

....yeah. Good luck with that.

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Yeah, I was surprised that all anyone expected them to do was apologize. First, that would possibly be the least-sincere apology in the history of the world, and second, people who advocate beating young children really shouldn't have widespread access to radio airwaves. Their asses should be fired.

"You fought (in the armed forces) for nothing! With the opinions that you have right there, you fought for absolutely nothing!"

Er, she fought for the right to be able to express that opinion in a free manner without the threat of imprisonment.

What a fucktard.

I'm just saying, baiting someone with 22 freaking years in the army seems like a really bad idea. For I will say honestly, Arnie, she's spent twenty-two years learning to kick ass.

Just. Boggling. *shakes head*

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If four big advertisers have already pulled out, I bet more follow. That's pretty awesome.

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There's a new GLAAD post saying that Nissan and Wells Fargo pulled out, too! Verizon was also listed, but from the email posted, it was hard to tell if they had pulled out or were saying that they didn't have any ads on that station.

(Deleted comment)
Yep, the reply from Wells Fargo was much better.

Holy fuck, for nothing? It must be the fact that I'm sane, but that statement just does not even fucking compute. Jesus Christ.

Sekritly the purpose of the military: making sure America's youth do not, twenty years later, voice unsanctioned opinions.

I spent a few minutes boggling as well. I'm sorry, I just--I want to turn ARnie toward a picture of a war zone and ask "Okay, look at that and then think of the woman you have one the phone. Are you sure that's how you want to phrase that?"

Sooo... he thinks the armed forces are supposed to be all about rah-rah child abuse? Wow. I think I missed that day in Civics class.

I'm pretty sure tha'ts news to every guy I've ever met in the military.

Yeah. I kind of dare this dumbass to walk onto any base anywhere and try and get a high five for smacking kids around. Also, I want the video of the aftermath.


This is certainly NOT the way to treat a child because they don't feel comfortable in the body they were born in. PARENTING ADVICE FAIL LIEK WOAH!

Man, the idea of any of them as parents scares me.

I already liked Dr. Pepper and Snapple, but now I REALLY like them. (I would like Sonic, but the closest one is in New Hampshire, alas.) (Which is probably good for my cholesterol.) I'll hit up the Chipotle nearest me, too, which I have never tried.

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