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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i can feel the crawl of madness
children of dune - leto 1
Dear internetz,

I am in Texas. It is June. And my office has no air conditioner, no fresh air, and we are slowly being drained of the will to continue life and reason among this insanity.

Please send lip gloss and a fucking glass of ice water so I can try and drown myself before I inevitably succumb to madness and throw myself with filthy, filthy abandon upon my not-a-crush-Christ-I'm-too-old-to-be-this-hormonal which will result in my unfortunate demise by heat exhaustion.

Still. What a way to go.



ETA: 8:25 AM - air conditioner has been turned on. Assuming this is not an effort to speed up our demise with poison gas, might survive after all. There will be no heat madness related throwing of self. No, I am not disappointed at all.

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yes. i really, really do.

*doesn't blink. ever again*

I keep fixating on that crease at his hip. It is VERY DISTRACTING.

I'm kind of distracted by his belly which actually looks like a real person's belly and is utterly charming.

(It's funny, usually I fixate on the hip crease on guys! But no, belly.)

*does not blink either*

I myself will be in Texas on Friday; Dallas to be exact. Here's to hoping there's a cubic assload of AC where I'm going. Texas in the summertime is no joke. :-)

Dude, if the A/C went out here, we'd all have gone home before they even got the chance to come look at it. My boss does not take kindly to warm offices, and one of my co-workers is 5 months pregnant. There is no "broken AC" here - or if there is, there's no *us* here. ;-)

Oh god. You work in a quasi-governmental job. I'm sure if you started quoting OSHA at them THINGS WOULD HAPPEN!

I'm with you -- they turned off the HVAC on Saturday to do fire alarm testing and couldn't turn it back on. I work in a massive room in a basement (thus with no windows). It is stuffy and warm and there has been zero thought to giving us a furlough.


The concept of having the AC off at this time of year is baffling and strange to me.

Admittedly, Arizona government buildings have relaxed dress codes as in even the court buildings have a no-jackets rule, so they can keep the temps higher. Fashion and Arizona are, uh, fascinating.

But it's still on.

My Arizona may be showing.

(I am restraining myself from looking for interviews with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. I'm a little terrified of what would to my ovaries happen if they're either of them even remotely geeky.)

Your ovaries will not survive. They were singing in an interview once.

Kinda blacked out at that.

Singing? I... I'm intrigued. (There's an interview segment that I tried to play but it was fucking flash. Who thinks flash is a good format for that shit? Clearly the internet is trying to protect my ovaries from my own damn self.)

Also, I want to know who lets ZQuin out of the house in those glasses. I mean, I like them. They're cute. But I'm an old-school skiffy fan. Dorky, ugly glasses are practically a necessary fetish to be into skiffy geeks.

old school dorky glasses are apparently IN. Like, in enough that my DAD has picked up on the trend. This is disturbing. I find them actually uncomfortable, and therefore will not be investing. Wirerims or contacts, kthanks.


I will never, ever understand fashion and I should just resign myself to this fact.

(I wear nice small, squarish frames because anything else on my face generally looks really horrible. I keep contemplating contacts in an attempt to slow my horrific slide into blindness; probably next time I go in, I will update these lenses and get contacts. I just hate wearing contacts, sadly! I have to wear makeup if I'm wearing contacts because otherwise the dark skin under my eyes makes me look like I haven't slept, ever, in my life.)

I know what you mean. I'm going in tomorrow to get an update on my contact script. I'm deathly lazy though, so usually I just wear my wire rims. Which are a classic brass color and oval shaped.

Jensen Ackles has a pair of the dorky black frames. He looks like some kind of indie filmmaker in them.

This is a problem. I have to have glasses with proper adjustable nose pieces, or my eyelashes flutter against the lenses.

I also have to rather a lot of make up when I have my contacts in. Otherwise people fear for my life.

Sissy. :-P It's not even eighty degrees in Dallas right now.

You should organize a group to lobby for an employee swimming pool and mandatory swim breaks. ;)

So, yeah, for years my mother had this pattern where she wouldn't turn on the AC until it was fucking sweltering because she wanted to delay the increased electricity bills, which was at least understandable except that every goddamned year the AC turned out to be nonfunctional when she finally turned it on, or would conk out within a couple of days, so we'd wind up with a week or two in which we had to wait for her to get someone in to fix it and we'd just be suffering. This year thank god it's worked from the get-go -- I'm thinking that having all the smokers either quit or move out has had a major effect on the air quality in the house and the filters and whatnot aren't being put to nearly the amount of strain they were under in previous years.

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