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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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you have got to be kidding
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Livejournal.

I just realized my sudden and irrational irritation at a lack of attention from a male coworker is in fact me in the midst of a twelve year old girl crush.

(by attention, I mean, I make fun of him until he goes away. I am twelve. Like, a tall twelve with a better arsenal of sarcasm.)

Holy God, if I were less self-aware, I would qualify as a cabbage.

Not funny, hormones. I also just realized he's attractive. So--right. I am actually a cabbage.


ETA: I just realized I am trying ot come up with lame yet plausible reasons to wander by his cubicle one row over. Shoot me now, plz. This is so sad.

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(Deleted comment)
I coulnd't figure out why i was so peeved that he didn't come to annoy me.

God, this is lowering. If the world depended on my ovaries for population, we'd be so screwed.

because he's not paying ATTENTION TO YOU AND YOUR OVARIES.



That is exactly the kind of thing that I would do. I feel your pain.

Is there like a class or something for this sort of thing?

*sits with you*

Dude. I totally once left the building, realized a guy had been flirting then turned around and came back to ask him out.

I did this too and I was a lot older than the guy. I ended up avoiding him and was glad when he left.

Awww. Is he at least single?

OH MY GOD, I am a cabbage also. I am. I didn't notice the Boything and I had been flirting the day we met till he kissed me (...ok, maybe at the point where he suggested I taste something that was all over his hands, but I was still COMPLETELY STARTLED when he kissed me) and then spent the next day trying so hard to appear Casual and Not Twelve that he went away convinced I was totally uninterested.

*cuddles you in a fellow-cabbage-y way*

I love self-unaware crushes! They're the best kind.

Ooooh. Do say more. In what way is he attractive? Could you give us a sample of the kind of thing you say to make fun of him until he goes away?

I dont say much, but ..

"I am twelve. Like, a tall twelve with a better arsenal of sarcasm."

is brilliant and I want to steal it for my everyday conversation.

There's been exactly once in my entire life that I *actually realized* I liked a guy in time to flirt back with him. And I married him.

At least you are not coleslaw?

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