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yes, a diaper, i said it

All this week, I've been in a good mood. Like, wear lipstick and color coordinate my clothes good mood. There's even been hair fixing and whatnot. I could say it was all due to Trek (and most of it was, seriously; Trek was first fandom and my earliest sci-fi memories. Oh my God, Abrams, I love you), but by yesterday, it was also because I honestly like screwing with my coworkers and they were getting really disturbed at the entire seems to care about personal appearance thing. A few would drop by, I'd smile, and they would scurry away. P kept checking me surreptitiously for Vulcan ears. I'd totally wear them if I had them, too.

In other words, my life was perfect.

However, I am being punished for rediscovering lip liner and floral prints; I cannot sleep tonight for some reason, even though I am exhausted. What I did do was spend an hour replotting the end of the damned Spock fic and then imaging out a complex story where Kirk goes to jail and Spock bails him out, because that's the kind of thing I find hilarious.

So then I said, well, okay, screw it, let's find something to read.

It's not that I didn't know the kink meme was around. I did! But so far, I've been reading using the careful and scientific study of how many people have tagged something in delicious. Well, I ran out of that and said, what the hell, be crazy.

Wow, was that a mistake.

Mostly because if I'd done that earlier, I could have discovered five million new horrifying things, or at least like, three, and all of them involve bodily functions, how they are named, and what they are used for. And what they should never be used for. I will say this: blood. And also, to the author, what were you thinking? Blood is sticky.

Also, I fell on top of a fic with Rodney McKay in an adult diaper and frankly, I may never sleep again. Yes, I am sharing that with you. Go enjoy your day with that image and try not to walk off the side of a building; I work on the ground floor, but I can totally get to the roof if I need to.

I'm still in a good mood. But it's more edging toward what one might call 'manic'. I don't see how this can end well.
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