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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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good things
children of dune - leto 1
To remind myself.

celli and girlinthetrilby for being huge, mountainous pillars of strength and allow me to just wallow. I love you both.

rivkat gave sensible advice. Sensible and attractive advice.

koimistress who takes time out of her extremely busy life to not only be affirming but also! Sent VERY cool email. Must send feedback.

gem225, because the QaF tapes were on my table today and seriously, did much to liven up a frighteningly scary day. They are by my computer, lovingly fondled every so often, eager to be played and adored. Which they will be. Often. *sends hugs* Thank you thank you thank you. And more thank you. Any ficness you want, it's yours and not in jenn-time, but actual real-time.

tstar78, because she rocks and because good things happen to her that she totally, totally deserves so much.

edgecity, who probably doesnt' even know how much I was cheered up by a post recently in LJ.

harriet_spy who wrote Every Third Sunday, a Justice League fic. Clark/Lex that isn't Smallville, is hot, and really makes me want to TAPE this show from now on or something. Wow. And wow again. And lusting after cartoon characters? I should be worried I am doing this. I'm not.

I need to focus on this more often. People are far too cool.

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edgecity, who probably doesnt' even know how much I was cheered up by a post recently in LJ.

So glad I could cheer you up! I'd love to know how, but if you don't want to share, that's cool. If you want to chat I'm SkaterBoySlash on AIM. Either way, hope your day continues to go well! :)

You're very welcome. If I think of any story that I want that's in a fandom that I think you'd know, I'll ask for it. :-) I hope that you get the rest of the QaF tapes soon and that you get a chance to watch the ones you already have.


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