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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so not a surprise? no.
children of dune - leto 1
Yeah, so whoever heard me say I wasn't going to write for this can now collect their winnings, as it was in fact a total lie. To be fair, I really shouldn't have said that before seeing the movie.

I need a beta in probably--hmm, a day or two? About fifteen thousand words in final draft, K/S. Please. With sugar on top. Reply or email or whatever--my regular email is working again or seperis at gmail.

ETA: For everyone who is not amireal because it's too late for her--do not go and look at my Voyager fic. Okay? Look, this is part of a fandom when I was really just starting and I eviscerated my fic from a dark period of my life I thought I was finding an artistic soul or something.

This cannot end well okay? It's been like, ten years--Holy God, it's been ten years since I started writing in fandom. I may need to lie down now.

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Hee. Mine too.

Man, I shall have to contemplate what booze I will be bringing with me from my liquor cabinet. (We're driving. *g*)

This is the first year I'm flying. I SHALL FEEL SO LOST WITHOUT A CAR. Also, now I need to memorize the 'how to get to the hotel' instructions.

HOMG, I have to be *careful* how I pack for VVC this year. *FLAILS*

Oh man, yeah that's gonna be hard.

I'm so pleased to be able to bring everything I want to bring this year! I CAN BRING ALL OF MY TOILETRIES OMG. ALLLLL OF THEM. Also, booze. Also, my crockpot! ALSO OMG MY CAR. *g*

I'm a little excited, if you hadn't caught that....

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