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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so not a surprise? no.
children of dune - leto 1
Yeah, so whoever heard me say I wasn't going to write for this can now collect their winnings, as it was in fact a total lie. To be fair, I really shouldn't have said that before seeing the movie.

I need a beta in probably--hmm, a day or two? About fifteen thousand words in final draft, K/S. Please. With sugar on top. Reply or email or whatever--my regular email is working again or seperis at gmail.

ETA: For everyone who is not amireal because it's too late for her--do not go and look at my Voyager fic. Okay? Look, this is part of a fandom when I was really just starting and I eviscerated my fic from a dark period of my life I thought I was finding an artistic soul or something.

This cannot end well okay? It's been like, ten years--Holy God, it's been ten years since I started writing in fandom. I may need to lie down now.

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By the time I hit Paris/Seven fulltime in short story, I was a lot better. But man, those first six months, it was--yeah, let's never discuss it.

Ami was reading Seven Days while I was trying not to cry the other night.

Is googledocs okay?

*snickering* I should dig up some of my fannish shame. Mostly Harry Potter, I think, though there's some M*A*S*H stories that -- oh god, I could write an entire commentary mocking some of that. The bizarre thing was how very hit and miss I was; some of my writing from that era is actually good and some of it is... let us never speak of this again.

Googledocs is fine!

(Actually, I'll toss you on the googledoc of what I've got of the whumping. Which ends in hilarity, but that's because I am a terrible person.)

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