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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so not a surprise? no.
children of dune - leto 1
Yeah, so whoever heard me say I wasn't going to write for this can now collect their winnings, as it was in fact a total lie. To be fair, I really shouldn't have said that before seeing the movie.

I need a beta in probably--hmm, a day or two? About fifteen thousand words in final draft, K/S. Please. With sugar on top. Reply or email or whatever--my regular email is working again or seperis at gmail.

ETA: For everyone who is not amireal because it's too late for her--do not go and look at my Voyager fic. Okay? Look, this is part of a fandom when I was really just starting and I eviscerated my fic from a dark period of my life I thought I was finding an artistic soul or something.

This cannot end well okay? It's been like, ten years--Holy God, it's been ten years since I started writing in fandom. I may need to lie down now.

I would just like to say: this has my full, total, and unconditional support. I am stoked like an engine, baby.

I am hoping that low expectations will be prevalent, because seriously, I chose freaking Spock pov. I am just that kind of damned masochist.

Low expectations. I mean, let's aim for a good spellcheck as a standard of achievement.

*hides beneath desk*

We will gladly take winnings in the form of fic from you.

In the unlikely event that you're running low on betas, I would offer up my services.

*brightly* I am happy to beta such things for you! Email's niqaeli@gmail, you have my AIM.

(You'll beta the fic I'm about halfway through, right? It's like -- the aftermath of whumping? Wherein you heal the fuck up and it sucks lots. <3)

Also, I have to admit I once upon a time went looking at your Voyager fic and then... fled back to the warm and safe refuges of your XMM and Smallville fic. I mean, it wasn't just that I totally shipped Kim/Paris, I was willing to follow the het ride just that, uh. Yeah. Yeah. You got so much better! Really!

By the time I hit Paris/Seven fulltime in short story, I was a lot better. But man, those first six months, it was--yeah, let's never discuss it.

Ami was reading Seven Days while I was trying not to cry the other night.

Is googledocs okay?



*offers smelling salts* I cannot wait to read this! I am a very happy fangirl. :D

do not go and look at my Voyager fic

*feels your pain* Can I tell folks not to look at my TS fic? Because that was ten years ago, too, and boy howdy. Nothing your artistic soul could produce could top the purple of my wallow. *g*

There should be a Decade Club for ficsters who hit the 10 year mark. We can stare at our early fic and cry together or something.

I'm on year 12 :D

And dude, do NOT diss the Voyager fic. That's how we met ;)

(my stuff is GOD AWFUL but I keep it on my site because it keeps me aware of where I came from.

...and possibly, I'm a masochist).

So. Effin'. Excited. *gleeface*

You're writing K/S? You're writing K/S! \o/

I mean, I am not surprised, since it is totally the perfect pairing for your writing, and there was all the squee already, but still. I am all a-w00t! \o/

Also, I disobeyed you and clicked the link. That fic analysis? Funniest damn thing I've read in a while.

But don't you wish we'd had Memory Alpha and bittorrent back then, tho? Seriously. SO MUCH of my VOY fic would have been better if research was THAT EASY.

(Also, in the interests of your mental health, I'd suggest NOT reading any of the AOS discussion threads on ASC right now.)

Okay, yes, Memory Alpha would have been a blast. Heck, access to old episodes would have been awesome as well.

(Also, in the interests of your mental health, I'd suggest NOT reading any of the AOS discussion threads on ASC right now.)

I went to look a couple of days after release, and yeah, no. Not tempted to ever post there again.

Yeah! A place to start for ST fic! *eagerly awaits*

Find it funny that I just posted something about wanting to go back and change and/or delete old fic due to embarrassment issues. Er, at least you are not alone? If it makes you feel any better, ten years ago I was writing in the Xena fandom, complete with pages formatted to be completely unreadable. We won't mention the Cleo 2525 one-off... So see, it could be worse. :)

I. am. so. EXCITED.


I want you to know that that dvd commentary made my whole evening a better (or at least more surreal) place.

Sweet humping crackerjack, woman, you just saw the movie like FOUR DAYS AGO and you've cranked out 15K words? I need to lay myself down and die of jealousy now. It took me a week and a half to string that many words together at top speed. ::brainspasm::

Oh, god. Early fic attempts. I think I need to take a shovel, a chainsaw, and a can of gasoline to a Sentinel/Highlander story I wrote that changed POV with every. Single. Paragraph.

I will say in my defense, however, that I did not include anything so silly as an author's note telling the readers that // meant thoughts and adding "helpful" little headers indicating the changing POVs. I had standards, if not skills.