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The Toybox

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fanniece of the future
children of dune - leto 1
Fangirl moment of the day (God knows, no one in RL could possibly appreciate this):

Today, my niece was on youtube, and I heard music and looked over to see Digimon still-motion vids going on. I hesitated, wondering if she was looking for the eps, then remembered we had those bookmarked.

So I took a second, as one does. Because she's seven. And yet... "So you like vids?"

She looks at me soberly. She has this--look. It's--a look, okay?

"Show set to music?"

"Oh! Uh huh." And then rewinds to get to the part she missed.

"So do you ever think about making your own?"

I got the look again. I'm thinking potentially, yes, she does.

*stretches, satisfied* This one I don't even own, people. Child can be excused for indoctrination, but he lives with me. Let me just say, my life is awesome.

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I got two of my daughters hooked on fanfiction. I was talking to Jenny the other day and she said "You know it's kinda your fault I stopped being constantly outside and active. You showed me what fanfiction was." Needless to say since then we have had to get more computers in the house. At one point we had one computer and three fanfiction addicts.

Fanfiction is the reason I got an eBookman, which led to certain Palm products, the latest of which can take a 2GB memory card. That means I have 300+ ebooks and 700MB of fanfiction with me at all times.

Incidentally, if you wanna save fanfiction, iSilo.com is a wonderful document converter. I've used it to save entire archives. :D Has a small footprint and has a reader for both mobile and not-so-mobile computers.

My niece, the Spiglet (6 years old), has already written Winnie the Pooh/Backyardigans crossover fic. Her parents were baffled. I beamed with pride.

Awww, baby vidder! So cute. :D

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