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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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ooh baby yes
children of dune - leto 1
Have achieved Trek. Finally. Also, matinees are fucking expensive.

will make noise about later, except for this....

I read a lot of reviews. A lot. Yet I didn't read this.

No one said Spock is a total bitch This is very important information. Information that makes me happy. I've never seen anyone, anywhere, insert the word fuck, wordlessly, silently, unmistakably, into so many sentences in my life. Totes impressive.

Kinda in love. As one does.

Wow. That was good for me. I need that again.

This Spock is a little bit ANGRY. I'm sure it upsets some TOS fans, but it was so perfect for me.

Oh hell yes. This one is awesome. I am particularly fond of the streak of vindictiveness going on there. Jeez.

I was quite impressed when he made "Live long and prosper" sound like "Jump off a cliff and fucking die". That's skill.

That was beautiful. I was only surprised he did not logically decide to go after Nero with a knife. As one does when one is crazypants.

Seriously. My God. I love this Spock.

I've seen someone's icon - which I love like burning - that has the wording "set phasers to bitchface." And OH MY WORD HOW ACCURATE IT IS. Every single scene, Spock is pondering how to kill you with just his eyebrows, because you are annoying him and choking people is an illogical waste of time.

CRAZYPANTS SPOCK. I mean, and when Spock Prime and New Spock meet, you compare/contrast and think, yeah, this will end well for the Federation's enemies. I do not see this Spock being, y'know, a restraining influence.


trek love all over again OMG!

The moment Spock said "Live long and prosper" like it was really "fuck off and die in a fire" was probably the moment when I started crushing hard on this movie.

The love came when McCoy looked at Kirk and said "I may throw up on you" but then, a) that has to be one of the best introduction lines ever and b) I was always a McCoy girl.

Re: trek love all over again OMG!

I am totally and forever a Kirk girl (as of this movie), but I have to admit, my love is torn when Spock goes to the crazyplace of crazy. It's the eyes. They say "I am thinking of a hundred logical ways to kill you in alphabetical order using one finger and the power of my inner rage.

McCoy was freaking awesome. I just kind of wish he'd kept the beard thing. That just was perfect. WITH HIS HYPOS OF STICKINGNESS. EVERYTIME KIRK TURNED HIS BACK. *howls*

This is like the Crazy!Enterprise. Of Crazy. With so much awesome.

Agreed. the #1 moment in this film is his "live long and prosper" to the vulcan council. it is godlike.

You mean... like THIS???

Spock was AWESOME. I luff him.

live long and go fuck yourselves. :D

*wipes tear* I love Spock.

(Deleted comment)
It is insane what the word discount has come to mean. *shakes head*

(Deleted comment)
Being a non-Trekkie (okay, Trekkie by osmosis because I did live in an apartment with Starfleet blueprints as the only acceptable wall art), I always assumed Spock's default was zen. This Spock's default is... not zen. Zen is what he strives for because he sure as hell ain't achieving it naturally.

My military geek twitches a little at Spock and Uhura as the whole power thing, but... seriously, has het ever been such a symbol for 'up yours' as this?

Yeah. Spock strives for like, Zen 101: Do Not Kill People on Sight. He's--mostly getting there. *blank* It was the contrast that just floored me when they met. It was like "So. One of these will possibly conquer the galaxy in a fit of rage. One tries to unite Romulus nad Vulcan. Guess which one?"

My love is pure and rather terrifying.

(Venus WTF?)

Edited at 2009-05-23 02:13 am (UTC)

Yes. Spock's attitude was made of sheer, unadulterated awesome.

It really, really was.

I loved it too. Live long and prosper, bitches.


I heart Spock SO MUCH. Seriously, his whole "Bitch, please" attitude had me squirming in my seat the whole movie.

There is no one I don't totally love in the new ST main cast. No one. Spock is hot like burning, Kirk is a giant golden lab puppy, Uhura will fuck your shit up yo, Bones...OMG I have no words for Bones ♥ (other than, "Dr. McCoy to my pants, stat" *koff*), and Sulu and Chekov are adorably hot, together and separately.

I look forward to reading some crazypants!Spock-inspired ST:Reboot fic by you... *g*



It's hard to believe that so much awesome could be contained in such a Vulcan package, but lo. It can be done :D