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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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cupcakes. delicious, delicious cupcakes
children of dune - leto 1
It's not--necessarily--that I need a day devoted to antisocialism (no, not the political movement). It's just--I feel the need to point out that vocal inflections of pirates get a day, but rampant dislike of human contact does not. Granted, these are not similar and it's kind of a ludicrous argument, but think symbolically. Pirates should not get days antisocial people do not. Happy people get these days, and seriously, do happy people need another reason to be "happy"?

Here are things I would do if I had such a day.

1.) Abruptly stop speaking mid-sentence, then leave.
2.) Abruptly leave while someone else is mid-sentence.
3.) Make cupcakes.
4.) Hum comfortably to Theory of a Deadman while playing sudoku on my phone outside.

It's not that I don't do these things already. I just want legitimization and a party, really. A very strange party, with very little socialization but a high proportion of sugar and default wireless internet.

Actually, this wouldn't be strange so much as ideal.

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Speaking as someone who's alone in her apartment and has just partaken of a delicious Tiramisu cupcake, I heartily endorse your plan.

We deff need this day. You have my vote.


As someone who really NEEDS to have time to live inside my own head.

*sets out cupcakes and coffee*
*goes back to ignoring everyone*

This sounds interesting but... *walks away*

What do you have against cupcakes?

*looks up from laptop* Hmm?

Cupcakes yes and I think you shou.....

Parties, hmm, would that be those events where I end up sitting in the kitchen/ watching the fish in the aquarium/ sneaking off to read fic on a computer?

I don't know why, but this really made me laugh! :D Enjoy your day.

(Deleted comment)
BTW sorry I missed you last night! I noticed--about an hour after you got off. I'm so sorry, I was working on a functiony thing. It's all very obsessive. *g*

(Deleted comment)
I'm not fond of the commercializatoin aspect either. *frowns* I just don't feel Hallmark is reading for greeting card stating Happy Antisocialibility!

...though I like them.

I don't know. I once made myself a notice to pin to my desk partition that said, 'Hi. You can't tell right now, but my non-existent office door is CLOSED.' I think there's a marketing opportunity there.

T-shirt for the day:

I'm all for one day where it's OK to not constantly be expected to make eye contact and small talk.

Merlin pushed open the door like he had a personal grudge against the hinges, glared irritably at Arthur, and then stomped towards the fireplace. Arthur watched in fascination as Merlin put more wood on the fire with barely controlled rage simmering under every move.

"Good morning," he said, after a minute, dryly. Merlin didn't look at him.

"Moron," Merlin muttered. Arthur squinted at him, and decided that he was not meant to take this personally.

Arthur lay back against the pillows and grinned up at the canopy. He loved winding Merlin up on days like these. It was better than a mummer's play for entertainment. "How's your morning been?" he asked blandly, with blithe disregard for the way Merlin twitched and stared at him.

"I cannot believe," Merlin bit off, glaring at him, at the fire, at the table full of dirty dishes, at the door as he stomped out mid-sentence. Arthur bit back a snicker as the door thumped shut.

Ten minutes later, Merlin was back with a basket and a tray. The tray held hot food. The basket took the cold leftovers. Arthur swung himself out of bed and wandered over to the tray while Merlin piled dishes into the basket, ignoring the crashing jangle of abused crockery.

"Cupcakes," he said, pleased. "I love cup--"

The door shut behind Merlin.

Arthur grinned and bit into the cupcake. It was going to be a great day, he decided cheerfully.

*purrs* Oh. Yes.

Is it Merlin's time of the month? How is his manwomb?

Later, Arthur caught up to Merlin in the armory, scrubbing at a piece of filth-encrusted chainmail with rather more force than necessary. He ate the last bit of his cupcake, licked his sticky fingers, then wiped them on Merlin's shirt. Merlin whipped around and stared up at him, open-mouthed with outrage.

"Good job on the shine there," Arthur said, easily, and Merlin narrowed his eyes at him warningly. "You're missing spots, though."

Once he'd left his rooms, he'd found out about the early-morning prank that had left three stableboys and Arthur's favorite horse, all his armor, and his second-best saddle covered in manure. One of the stablemaids--still crying a little--had repeated Merlin's response back to him. Arthur had to admit he was impressed at the extent of Merlin's vocabulary, although the chambermaid evidently had no idea what some of the foreign words meant.

"I haven't finished yet," Merlin growled, and Arthur had to put his hand over his mouth in a parody of thoughtfulness because if Merlin saw him grinning he wouldn't escape the armory alive.

"Well, as long as you're trying your best, I suppose being slow isn't really a problem," he said soothingly, and stepped back a little from Merlin's lethal glare.

"What--" Merlin sputtered, and rose up from his stool like a cat. A very angry cat. Arthur admired the incendiary way Merlin was starting to seethe. "You think I'm *slow*?"

Arthur let his smirk out. "Well, yes?" he said innocently. "Aren't you?"

Merlin threw the chainmail into the shadows at the back of the armory, where it squelched. He threw golden ropes around Arthur's feet and wrists, eyes molten, and Arthur thumped up against the wall hard enough to make him huff for breath. He blinked at Merlin, who was stalking towards him, eyes dark and mouth tight.

"You," Merlin growled, and kissed him fiercely. Arthur leaned into the kiss as much as he could, and let Merlin bite the smirk right off of his mouth.

He did so love Merlin on days like these.

I celebrate anti-socialism every day!

However today it is with banana and walnut bread and not cupcakes.

Let`s pick a date. How does all of June sound to you?

Happy Antisocialism Day! May you ...

*wanders away mid-greeting*

A very strange party, with very little socialization but a high proportion of sugar and default wireless internet.

So. Much. Yes. Nobody in the room, but lots of people on the other side of their computers to talk with or ignore at will.

I think you need a membership in the Diogenes Club, where there are comfy chairs, the latest periodicals, and no chatting allowed.

I'm sure they'd arrange for cupcakes on request.

I'm voting for one day a month, or perhaps even more often if we can get it.

Ooh. I want one.

An antisocialism day, that is, not a cupcake. Which isn't to say I wouldn't also like a cupcake, I just

I had a small gathering on Sunday night. At one point, about a quarter of the room was scattered around one of the social rooms, raiding my bookshelves or tapping on their Devices. I consider this a happy and successful party!

A very strange party, with very little socialization but a high proportion of sugar and default wireless internet. Pretty much the definition of any gathering of fandom I've ever been to!

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