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st:tor instarec - precious things: points of intersection
children of dune - leto 1
Precious Things: Points of Intersection by [info] - personalhaearnmouse, Star Trek Reboot, gen, SPOILERS - sequel to Precious Things, a lovely extension of the original set some time after.

Less dramatic and more contained, which I consider part of the rec, another slice of life in the smaller things that come after great ones, and the sweetness is perfect. I love extensions of canon like this, that show the fallout, especially, especially the good parts, after canon ends, and this one just--well, I didn't cry, but I did want to. Reference to TOS canon as well.

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What reference to TOS are you referring to?

I think the smuggler, from context, is Harry Mudd.

um, hi. im very sorry to be bothering you (especially since you've banned me), but you are a mod of fandom_votes, and i was wondering if you were planning on starting up that community again?

also, id like to know your current feelings on legomymalfoy & her time as lj user rep.


joi, aka, recommendation.

Huh, I thought I stripped out the bannings after the election was done. Wait two minutes and post again under your LJ name.

Bless you for the new Trek recs. I'm kind of wildly in love with the new movie, plotholes and Nimoy's dentures aside, and have been looking everywhere for fic. Even ff.net, which wow. Wow. Just skimming the summaries gave me brain herpes.

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